Projects may take many different forms.

Lectures, conferences and consulting on various issues:

• Innovation (strategy, management, motivation and trends)

• Responsibility (responsible innovation, philosophy and management)

• Services (strategy and management)

Beside the various conferences on the above topics and issues, the institute ISIS has been in charge of many projects. You’ll find examples below:

  • FAIR (Finance Assurance Innovation Responsable). Four French banks and one insurance company approached us with the need to develop a responsible-innovation process in order to integrate responsibility into their operations and the development of new products and services in particular. Led in collaboration with the innovation consulting company Altran, we proceeded to develop a process to integrate responsibility at all levels of the organization and at each stage of the innovation process, based on a design-thinking method. We provided our contribution at all levels of the project while researching and applying the most relevant academic basis for developing a reliable process of implementation.

  • Healthcare services. The research partnership focused on the quality of healthcare services within their network and the positioning of their hospitals. The first step of the research consisted of a competitive benchmarking and an academic overview of the healthcare marketing and promotion practices. In addition to this work, the research team conducted workshops with management and the administrative and medical staff within the GHMF's network. These working sessions aimed at helping them implement innovative tools and methods to increase service quality in their institutions.

  • Participative Innovation Process (bank) : One of the largest banking groups in France is investigating ways in which to motivate and integrate its most senior executives into its innovation processes (from the ideation phase to its implementation). For nearly a year, we have been identifying the key success factors of this large-scale operation/project with 400 executives (representing approximately 3,000 collaborators). Based on the principles of participative innovation, we have conducted training programs, workshops, brainstorming sessions, etc. aimed at collecting ideas from all collaborators. We provided our contribution at all levels of the project: analysis of existing innovation process, development and delivery of training programs, setting up of the idea selection criteria and awarding of the “Trophies of Innovation”.

  • Rethinking the Business Model: From Industrialization to Servicization. A wine specialized company has been developing and manufacturing winemaking processes, equipment and tools for close to 130 years. Despite being an internationally recognized expert in its field with an indisputable know-how and renowned product quality, it has been facing an increasingly intense global competition context. In order to reinvent its business model, we assisted the company throughout its strategy of change, consisting in switching from being an industrial firm to becoming a service firm. In this particular case, the “servicization” concept involves the commercialization of a service (ie. winemaking) based on the excellence of the firm’s core products.

  • Lecturing and consulting references:

+ 100 courses and conferences all over the world for: Adisseo, Alcatel-Lucent, Auchan, AstraZeneca, Banque Populaire, Blizzard, Banque Palatine, Biogaran, Busher-Vaslin, Caisse d'Epargne, Cap Gémini, Cerba Health Care, Club Innovation Finance, Cic, Ccs, Celgene, Clarins, Euro-DisneyLand, Engie (Dubaï, Singapore, Belgium, Peru), France Telecom Orange, Eurovet, Gan , Gdf-Suez, Ghmf, Groupama, Innovation Academy (Melbourne), Impulse partners, Incdtp, Inéo, Institut Français du Pétrole, Limagrain, Lafarge, La Poste, Lcl, , Maaf, Match, MCI, Nufarm, Ontex, Orpéa, Publicis, So Bacco, Reed, Renault, Sandoz, Sodexo (France, Singapore), Société Générale, Suez, Snceel, Spie, Teba (Bucharest), Tiama, Thuasne, Vignerons Indépendants, Service innovation & Business model Generation with the author Yves Pigneur, (Singapore).