Into the Deep End

New Work by Xavier Lopez Jr.

Opening Reception

Friday May 2nd, 6pm - 11pm


On display from April 4 - June 1

For more information: (206)  632-1794


Orange Splot Gallery

3519 Fremont Place N.

(Cross streets are Fremont Pl. N.

& Evanston Ave. N., Seattle, 98103) 


                                                                                                              Copyright 2008. Xavier Lopez.  All rights reserved.

Xavier Lopez

Xavier Lopez is a veteran of over 100 art exhibitions and has shown his work on both coasts as well as in Germany and France.  Best known for his own brand of expressive minimalist / conceptual artwork and the "Soft Cyborg," which is both a theoretical treatise as well as a body of work that he has dealt wth for over five years and which has taken the form of sculpture, painting and performance art as well as beginning as a scholarly paper presented  at the University of California-Davis.     



    Art Exhibitions


2008                Orange Splot Gallery, Seattle, WA

                          "Into the Deep End." Acrylic on canvas. Sculpture. 

2008                  Art/Not Terminal.  Seattle, WA

                          "Falling." Acrylic on canvas.


2007                  Faire Gallery and Café.  Seattle, WA

                          “Secret Identities/Hidden Fortresses.” Mixed media 

                          installation. Paintings, tape, balsa wood.


2006                  Kunsthalle.  Mainz, Germany.

                          “Soft Cyborg: Book II.” Large paintings on wallpaper.

                          Mixed media  sculpture..              


2004                           Kunsthalle.  Mainz, Germany.

                          “Soft Cyborg: Book I.” Large paintings on wallpaper,

                           held together with tape and pins.               


2003                   Le Blueberry. Rue Camille Sauvageau, Bordeaux, France.

                        “La Premiere Soiree Grands Artistes.”  This was a one-day

                        event, with poets and musicians in which I had a one-man



2002                               UC Davis Graduate Student Art Gallery.  Davis, CA. 

                             “Battle #3” Costumed superhero action figures, string,

                              cup-holders.   Second Version of Teen-age



1999                Fishbacher Arts Building.   Sacramento City College.

                        “A BOY’S LIFE.”  Installation of childhood bedroom, plaster

                        casts, Mickey Mouse caps, pews, tape player, stereo system.


1996                 Front Door Gallery.  University of Nevada, Reno.

                        "FETISH" Installation and sculptural exhibit, wood,

                         machinery, milk, body fluids, Astroboy.


1996                "Loft" Gallery.  University of Nevada, Reno.

                        "DESIRE/DESPAIR"  Installation and sculptural Exhibit,

                        steel, plaster, and glass.                  


1995                Jot Travis Student Union, University of Nevada, Reno.

                       "DUM BOY/DYSLEXIC DIALECTIC "  Installation of

                       steel sculpture and mixed media.


1995                "Dum Dum" Gallery.  University of Nevada, Reno


                        BILE."  Mixed media installation.


1994                Jot Travis Student Union.  University of Nevada, Reno.

                       "Two Series Sketches: "DIARY OF THE MISANTHROPE."

                       And "THE EPHEMERITE SERIES."  A presentation of

                       mixed media sculptures and chalk drawings on chalkboard. 


1993                Front Door Gallery.  University of Nevada, Reno,

                        "Honest as Hell." Two month exhibit of mixed media

                         paintings, and drawings.  


1992                Getchell Library Gallery.  University of Nevada, Reno. 

                        "PRICK," A presentation of mixed media paintings,

                        drawings and assemblages.


1992                 Jot Travis Student Union.  University of Nevada, Reno.

                      "Fear of Falling," a presentation of oil paintings, drawings

                        and assemblages. 


1991                Getchell Library Gallery.  University of Nevada, Reno. 

                      "Grave Matters," a presentation of oil paintings, drawings

                        and assemblages.



2003               “Grand Soiree Contre le Sida.” Bordeaux, France.

                        Donated two collage constructions.

2002                 Chow /Ciao Salon. Katherine’s Apartment. Davis, CA.

                         “The First Performance for the Soft Cyborg.”  Filmed

                        event in which I performed some of the stories of the origin

                        of the Soft Cyborg.  


2002                Strip Salon. Katherine’s Apartment. Davis, CA.

                  Sculptural installation and performance.

2002                 University of California, Davis. Basement Gallery

                        “Teen Dream.” Installation. Action Figures. Vinyl album

                        covers. January 16-29. 


2001                       Interdisciplinary Graduate Symposium Art Exhibit.

                       “Battle #2” Costumed superhero action figures, string,

                       cup-holders. “Suspended.” Hourman action figure, string,

                       cup-holders, Depeche Mode 45’s. 

 2001                        Graduate Student Art Exhibition. “Battle #1.”

                        Costumed superhero action figures, string, and cup-

                        holders. “Their backs to us.” Plaster casts.


2000                         8th Annual Artist’s Valentines Invitational.     

                         Richard L. Nelson Gallery,  Davis, CA.

                        Group Show.  “I was enchanted.” Plastic, Sculpey,


1999                         7th Annual Artist’s Valentines Invitational.

                        Richard L.Nelson Gallery, Davis, CA.

                        Group Show.  Collaboration with Scott Hilton:

                        “Sincerely Yours…” Photographs.


1998                         6th Annual Artist’s Valentines Invitational.

                        Richard L. Nelson Gallery, Davis CA. Group Show.

                        “The Shape of My Heart” Plaster, string, glitter, aspirin,



1998                 HAUNT. Basement Gallery.

                        UCDavis Art Building. Davis, CA.


                        Oil paintings on canvas with plastic cross. 


1998                 Creative Arts Workshop. New Haven, Connecticut,

                        RHYTHM GESTURE METAPHOR. “Untitled: Plaster

                        Cartoon Casts.”  April 13-May 22. 


1998                         Galeria De La Raza. San Francisco, Ca.

                        EL NINO: CHAOS AND DESTRUCTION.  Group show.

                        "Untitled, Mouse” Steel, plastic.  April 1-May 17, 1998.


1998                            5th Annual Artist’s Valentines Invitational.

                           Richard L.Nelson Gallery, Davis CA.

                          Group Show. “Disco Lemonade” Plaster, steel.


1997                  TB-9, University of  California, Davis.

                          "Seven at 9" Graduate Art Exhibit.  Group installation,

                          Included ten mixed-media pieces.


1996                            QUICKIE: Basement Gallery/Art Building, 

                           Davis University,  Davis, California.

                          "Solid Smile for Lady Macbeth," Plaster string and

                          surgical gloves.


1996                Group Exhibit with Mary Lamorte. Drawings, and


                          My Exhibit Entitled "Heroes and other Fools."  Part of

                          Citywide "Uptown, Downtown...ArtTown," festivities.

                          Name on Tee-shirt. 


1996                            Group Exhibit. Local and Established Artist Exhibit at

                          Hermitage Gallery in Reno, Nevada.


1995                            WET & WILD Invitational.  Sheppard Gallery &

                           MacNamara Gallery June 30th to July 28th.

                           Sculptures: Deep, Blue Virus (wood, steel, test tubes,

                           tubing and blue lights) and Diving Boy (steel, string

                          and water-glass.)  Only artist invited to exhibit two works.


1995                   SLACK ART EXHIBITION.

                           Three days of slack, April 14-16, 527 Humboldt Street,


                            Sculpture: Divine Memory, Ceramic, wax and plaster cast.


1994                              One of five students chosen to represent University

                            on U.N.R. Web page on World Wide Web. Includes:

                            Artist Statement, Sample article: Angelography, and two

                            works: "Dan, can we use poison on all these monkeys,"

                            and "Paradise Lost."


1994                              Untitled Student Art Exhibit.  UNR.

                            A group sculptural exhibit in new Loft Gallery.

                            "Lighthouse." Steel, wax, brick, acrylic. "the Bride Teases

                             the Bachelor to Erection." Steel, hanging light. "Untitled."

                            Aluminum, steel, batteries.


1993                  "Night of Performance," "Honest as Hell II: Poltergeist." 

                          University of  Nevada, Reno.  A group show of solo

                            performances with five others performing.  Poltergeist

                             was a performance mixing sound and action before an



1993                 Hispanic Heritage Day 1993. University of  Nevada, Reno.

                        A group show of Hispanic Artists from California and

                        Nevada.  "Superman  Game." Printed computer-paper,

                        acrylics, wood, and game.


1992                "Day of the Dude" Show.  Getchell Library Gallery.

                        University Of  Nevada, Reno, Exhibition on Day of the Dead

                        theme.  Invitational with Professors Ed Martinez, Michael

                        Sarich and Sheppard Gallery director David Andersen.

                        "Three falling figures." Wood, copper, and oils.

1992                 Hispanic Heritage Day 1992.  University of Nevada, Reno.

                        A presentation of drawings, oils, and assemblages.


Selected Publications


June 2003                      Louis Liard Literary and Art Journal

 January 2003               Louis Liard Literary and Art Journal

 1993-1998                    Graduate Student Newspaper 

1993-1994                     Davis, Enterprise,  Davis California Newspaper.

1989-1992                     SageBrush, University of Nevada,  Reno University



      Conference Presentations


5/4/2001       “The Queerest of the Queer: Growing up male in the Post-

                       masculinist Eighties.” Millennial Transgressions.  Rocky

                       Mountain/California ASA Joint Conference.

                       University of  Nevada, Reno.

4/13/2001     “Toward a Dada Dialectic and the Soft Cyborg.” 4th Annual

                       Interdisciplinary Graduate Symposium. Also responsible for



5/17/2000     “Uncertain Histories: Longing for Reconciliation in the DC

                       Comics Multi-verse.” 3rd Annual Interdisciplinary Graduate



2/6/1997       "Uncertain Histories: Longing for Reconciliation in the DC

                       Comics Multi-verse."  LSU Graduate Conference on

                       Languages and Literature.  



My artwork is included in the collections of these individuals and organizations:

Lynn Hershman: Photographer, Performance Artist, and Filmmaker.

Michael Sarich: Painter, University of  Nevada, Reno.

Robert Morrison: Sculptor, University of  Nevada, Reno.

Kathleen Harper: Microsoft.

Donna Antrocalli: Hermitage Gallery.

Scott Hilton: Photographer.

Pintor Surait: Sculptor




1996-2002           University of  California, Davis,  Davis, CA

·                                              M.F.A.                    Fine Art/ Studio Art                              

·                                              M.A.                       Art History/Critical Theory


           1987 – 1992      University of Nevada, Reno,  Reno, NV

·                                               B. A.                      English / Literature

·                                                    B. A.                     Studio Art/Philosophy    





Sound +Vision

Acrylic on Canvas


Ghost Boy (Self-portrait of the Artist as a Ghost)

Acrylic on Canvas



A Lad in the Deep End

Acrylic on Canvas



The Night, the Music and Everything

Acrylic on Canvas




Acrylic on Canvas



Wandering Star

Acrylic on Canvas



Into the Deep End

Acrylic on Canvas



Unicorn in its Natural Habitat

Acrylic on Canvas




Acrylic on Canvas



Winter Wonderland

Acrylic on Canvas



OWL #1

Acrylic on Canvas




Acrylic on  Canvas




Acrylic on Canvas



Ghost Bear

Acrylic on Canvas



The Muse

Acrylic on Wood