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Xarelto Litigation in Texas and Beyond

The popular new anticoagulant (blood thinner) by Bayer AG and Jonson & Johnson's Janssen Pharmaceuticals has been linked to serious medical complications including uncontrolled bleeding and stroke in recent years.

Thousands of lawsuits have been filed in federal and state courts alleging that the companies behind the drugs failed to adequate inform the public about the risks involved in taking the medication.

From internal bleeding, stroke, hemorrhaging and other serious issues, the number of Xarelto lawsuits is continuing to climb. Some plaintiffs in the Xarelto court cases have had loved ones die after starting the medication.

Xarelto Lawyers in Texas

If you need to speak to a Xarelto Lawyer who can handle a Texas-based Xarelto lawsuit we can help. Call toll-free today to speak to someone about your case - 1 (855) 473-1559.

The Xarelto side effects cited in the suits are said to have actually resulted in many difficulties for patients and their families-- from large medical bills to emotional and physical suffering and damage, and much worse - death in some cases.

Janssen Pharmaceuticals and Bayer might not have effectively alerted the public about these side effects and the fact that there was no antidote to the uncontrolled bleeding that can result.

Info on Filing a Xarelto Claim

The first step in filing a lawsuit against Xarelto and its makers is to get in touch with a competent attorney that can help guide you in the right direction. They will know the best legal options and routes available to you. We are not lawyers, but we can try to help you find one that will work hard for you.

The call is totally free and you'll learn more about what's available to you. Don't delay, there may be deadlines involved in filing a claim against Xarelto's manufacturers.

The idea behind these Xarelto law suits is to get the support (oftentimes financial) you need to make a full recovery after a trying ordeal. If you or a loved one have taken the medication and have experienced side effects which were serious in nature, you may be able to file suit.

Call 1 (855) 473-1559 today to speak to someone about your case. They will review with you and inform you of your options.

A Xarelto Claim Case deals with large corporations, and the complex litigation involved with such entities. That's why you want to be sure any legal representative you hire is knowledgable and experienced in this area. Selecting a partner to work with should not be taken lightly.

That's why you should call today to learn more about these lawsuits and whether or not your case qualifies. Because there are thousands of lawsuits that have been filed, you want to be sure your Xarelto lawyer is skilled in these sorts of MDL and mass tort proceedings.


What is a Xarelto MDL or Mass Tort

These court cases are not Xarelto class action lawsuits. A class action suit is a different situation. These are Xarelto cases in multidistrict litigation. That means that while there are thousands of cases involved, they are presented to one judge in one court. This helps to make the legal proceedings as efficient as possible, and each cases is still considered individually. In class action suits, all cases are represented by one plaintiff. That's not the case in an MDL.

Our professionals have actually assisted numerous households and people progress with their own suits against Xarelto's producers and they can assist you too.

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