U3: Run OpenOffice - - Open your OpenOffice docs on your U3 drive!

Add this to your U3 drive and whenever you plug in your drive to a computer, it will temporarily associate all .ODT (OpenOffice documents) to the OpenOfficePortable installation on your flash drive.

1. It expects to find your OOP installation right off the drive's root (i.e. F:\OpenOfficePortable)

2. It saves any existing associations (in case, say, another program on that computer was already associated with .ODT) and resets that association when A) the drive is ejected or B) the program is told to exit.

3. It watches for the drive being ejected and, after resetting the association, will exit by itself.

OOP_temp_association.u3p<- Right-click and save to your computer

gSync - - Copy your Google Calendar onto your iPod !

Just download the file and run it from wherever you like. No installation is necessary. It will create its own INI file in which it will save the Private Calendar address (unencrypted) and the drive letter assigned to your iPod. It saves the iCalendar from Google to the Calendars folder of your iPod.

Your iPod must have "Enable Disk Use" set for this to work. ((How To)

Download gSync here (right-click and Save)

Move_OE_to_My_Docs - - guess what it does...

For some insane reason, Microsoft decided to put your default location of your Outlook Express files buried either in your User Profile directories (WinXP) or under an obscure Windows directory. This program will simply move them into a My Documents\Outlook Express folder where they can be backed up much more simply and easily. It, likewise, moves the OE Address Book to the same location.

*NOTE* This little program will NOT work with multiple identies.

Download 'Move_OE_to_My_Docs.exe' here (right-click and Save)