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Gems from the Outer World

Programming gems in assembly coming from the "outer" world and from other brains.

descriptiondate added
Unsigned saturation to custom values November 10, 2010 
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Algorithms Re-loaded

Recent List Items

algodate addedtype
Abramowitz and Stegun Erf April 15, 2012 math 
Taylor series for the exp function April 15, 2012 math 
My Exp function jexp April 15, 2012 math 
Park-Miller-Carta Random LCG December 27, 2011 prng 
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My own fanciful snippets

A fancy collection of discussed snippets coming from my brain in the late night

snippetdate added
convert 80h bytes to 0FFh in a dword April 22, 2012 
SSE converting streams of hexstring to values March 28, 2012 
carry flag bounding arrays December 2, 2011 
SSE converting qword value to string April 24, 2011 
finding a byte in a dword/qword February 10, 2011 
How to read signedness in the carry flag October 17, 2010 
setting multiple bits in a dword / qword October 13, 2010 
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Notes on Windows x64 Programming

Notes on 64 bit Windows programming

notedate added
Customizing the GetProcAddress December 5, 2011 
Exploring PEB (Process Environment Block) December 5, 2011 
WindowFromPoint on x64 Vista December 3, 2011 
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Miscellaneous and uncategorized stuff

descriptiondate added
CPUs & C. February 10, 2012 
Programs by code, languages by semantics December 7, 2011 
Unsigned unsaturated Vademecum December 3, 2011 
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