Artificial Intelligence 


In A Box (Chinese Whispers 3)

Hello, my name is Johnny Hwang, and I'm a student at UC Berkeley studying computer science. I churn out music in my spare time, and currently release songs at a rate of about 1 per year for the past few years. Well, used to. Since I deleted Warcraft III for good, I've been feeling more productive.

Tools currently at my disposal:

built-in stereo laptop speakers
logitech 60 watts? (or 40?) speakers with subwoofer
Intel Core Duo 5200 with 2 gig RAM
private bathroom for recording vocals
Williams Digital Piano
Yamaha upright

what I don't have: MIDI-USB cable =(

Audacity 1.3.7
Reason 4
Windows Vista

what I don't have: MAX/MSP =(