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How to install a PGN database from an external source:
There are a couple of ways to do this:
  • Connect your device to iTunes.  Select your device from the sidebar, choose the "Apps" tab, and select "CBase Chess" under "File Sharing."  Select "Add..." and choose the PGN database you wish to load.  
  • Download a PGN directly from the internet.  Select a valid PGN file from a website and Safari will give you an option to "Open in CBase Chess"
  • Use a program that supports passing files along to other apps.  If you have a PGN file in an email message, Mail will give you the option of opening in CBase Chess.  So will other applications like Dropbox.  It's as easy as selecting the file and choosing "Open in CBase Chess!"
  • In Dropbox in particular, select the PGN file you wish to open.  Dropbox will display a notice of "Unable to View File."  On the toolbar in the bottom right, touch the button that looks like the Mail forwarding icon, and you will have an option to open the PGN in CBase Chess.
Why does CBase Chess seem to take longer the first time it opens a file?
PGN files are easy for humans to read but hard for computers to read.  CBase Chess caches data about the PGN file so that it can open it faster the second time it's opened!

When I go to iTunes File Sharing, I see .pgh files.  What are those?
CBase Chess caches data about PGN files to facilitate faster load times.  This data is stored in .pgh (PGN Header) files, which stores a limited amount of data about the games contained in the database.  Deleting the files won't hurt anything, but it will make load times for larger databases longer if the file is deleted.

My database doesn't open!
CBase Chess is written to open open databases conforming to the PGN Standards.  Hand-written PGN databases tend to be sloppy and don't conform to PGN Standards, which results in errors that would be prohibitively time-consuming to correct on your iPhone/iPod.  If the databases is exported from a database program like Chessbase Light it will conform to the standards and should open easily with CBase Chess.

Your search functionality is terrible.
CBase Chess is a work in progress.  Version 1.0 provides only a very elementary search function.  Later versions will support searching via more of the standard headers and, more importantly, position searches.