Getting Started with x264

x264 is a free AVC encoder that is best-in-class and thanks to compliance testing from the Criterion Collection now supports Blu-ray Disc encoding.
GDMX has also vetted x264 for BD use using the Eclipse Verifier in 1080p24 and 1080p/i30.

This page deals with the most common scenarios for Blu-ray authoring. Many commercial discs from well known names have been made using the guides here.
You should also know your desired bitrate beforehand.

The easiest way to customise x264's encoding time is to use the following presets:
  • superfast
  • veryfast
  • faster
  • fast
  • medium
  • slow
  • slower
  • veryslow
  • placebo
It is also possible to tune for various content types:
  • film
  • animation
  • grain
Output .264 files can then be imported successfully into mastering applications such as Sonic Scenarist and Sony Blu-Print.
The Blu-ray spec allows a variety of different configurations but all the settings on this site are chosen to maximise quality.

NB: These settings are all 2-pass encodes. If you wish to run a single-pass encode make sure that "--pass 1" is NOT included
in your command line.

It is strongly recommended to inverse telecine any telecined material.

NB: If your source file is not natively the correct framerate you will have to add the following settings (example for 23.976):

--fps 24000/1001 --force-cfr

You can also post feedback or ask questions regarding x264 Blu-ray authoring using the following form:

Questions regarding x264 for authoring commercial releases will be kept confidential if requested. This has been done on many occasions.

More detailed information about x264's settings can be found here:

More information about x264 can be found here: