Democracy Now!: Mon.-Fri. 8am to 9am.

Free Speech Radio News: Mon.-Fri. 4:30-:5pm; repeat @ 9:30-10pm

Thursday Night Live: Every Thursday night, WZRD welcomes a new live band to the station to play a set. In true freeform fashion, artists of all types can be heard — bluegrass, hip hop, experimental, indie rock, local bands, touring bands, you name it. You never know who you’ll hear on the Wizard. These shows are also posted to our Live from WZRD Podcast, search-able on iTunes, and subscribe-able for your regular listening enjoyment.

WZRD is a freeform radio station. We do not follow a weekly, daily, or hourly block schedule. However, we do have affiliations with certain networks to provide alternative informational programming.

We play whatever, whenever, and it is not unheard of to hear trip hop directly following some African chant. Many shows will follow a theme or mood, but genre reflects neither of these. The Wizard does what it wants.