About WZRD

WZRD is a 100-watt, non-commercial FM, freeform radio station, operating from Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago. Our assigned frequency is 88.3 MHz. We are dedicated to loudening up a quiet corner of Chicago’s northwest side, and serving the greater community.

To find us, simply go to 0°,  -87° 43’ 7.00” and turn north. Continue until you hear trip hop immediately followed by folk music.

As you can see from the image above, our cozy nook is snuggly nestled between parking lots and flanked by a creepy graveyard and the remains of the old Tuberculosis quarantine facility.   How charming.

Who runs WZRD?

WZRD is a student-run radio station broadcasting out of Northeastern Illinois University. All of the DJs and officers who operate and maintain this station are past or present NEIU students who have an interest in serving their community. The DJ positions are unpaid, so everything we do for the station is completely voluntary.

What’s a Wizard?

We are an eclectic bunch, ranging from professional DJs putting in a little pro bono work to complete amateurs who just want to learn more about good music. Several years ago, the decision was made to broadcast anonymously in the hopes of deflating certain DJs egos and in order to prevent DJs from using the station as a means of advancing their careers. Since that day, we have been known collectively as Wizards.

Who can apply?

Any and every student at NEIU can join this station, and there is no discrimination against students upon the basis of major or career goals. That is to say, while many college radio stations restrict DJ positions to broadcasting or journalism majors, WZRD opens its doors to all potential volunteers.