Python Apps for Series 60

Programs I've written for Series 60 phones using Python 


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Resistor Values ( 

Python for Series 60 

"Static Navigation" Tool

This is a pair of scripts which will enable and disable "Static Navigation" on a SiRF GPS from your phone. I usual I take no responsibility for this code and any side-effects it may produce. Use at your own risk. Having said that if something goes belly-up just reset the GPS it should fix it.



Initial Release

Resistor Values

My first program for the Series 60 using Python. It is a small tool to help you calculate the value of a resistor from its colour code. It's currently unpackaged and relatively untested. I think it should be bug free but use at your own risk. You can download the script on the right to try it out. You must have the Python for Series 60 redistributable installed on your phone for it to work.



  • Initial Release