Boston Web Design Job

Dear Web Designer,

    Do you have exceptionally good taste, a sense of style & fun? Can you craft intuitive, and visually pleasing web sites through design and front-end implementation? Are you the rare marriage of artistic and technical ability? If so, we need your help to bring an amazing website to the world...

    We are a small startup building a community for artists & amateurs, that will kick-start new art & animation, and connect vision to an audience. We've cooked up something truly unique, and need you to make sure that it's intuitive, and beautiful so people will return to enjoy it again and again.

You should:

A) Understand Web 2.0, and 'get' the modern web-aesthetic
B) Produce clean, semantic and standard HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
C) Illustrate digitally using Illustrator & Flash (more artistic ability welcome as well) 
D) Provide us with your portfolio

        And we care about:

1) Creating a beautiful and usable site.
2) Pushing ourselves to do 'better' over 'good'
3) Embracing the challenge of launching something exceptional

   This is a special opportunity, and we'd love to see your portfolio & sample work. So email Aaron,, and let's get the discussion going. We hope you're the right fit for our team, and the kind of person who enjoys hard-work, detail, and success.

 Thank you,

    The DK Pictures Team.