Blue Forest Wyoming petrified wood location

It's weird to say this as a die hard Wyoming rockhound but "I have never been to any of the three Eden valley petrified wood collecting areas". Yah I know your eyes are all wide and your mouths are all agape but it's true. I'm sure some day I will get there. It's hard for me to get excited about petrified wood when almost every agate collecting bed in Fremont county is chocked full of the stuff. A lot has been written about the Blue forest petrified wood so I am going to link other pages and a custom map of the area. If you plan on visiting, it should be pretty easy to find a rockhound who has been to this areas. Several Colorado, Montana, and Idaho rock clubs make this area part of their annual field trips.

Here is a map I made showing the main collecting areas.

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Links that have quite a bit of useful info about the eden valley blue forest petrified wood location:

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