Wyoming Rockhounding locations

Wyoming mineral locality index and mineral collecting areas.

Below is a list of rockhounding locations in wyoming with a description of the minerals found there and pictures.
These rockhounding sights of Wyoming are mostly on public land but a good blm ownership map is recommended allowing you to stay off private land.

A lot of these Wyoming rock collecting sights have mining claims that come and go. Please respect the claim owners rights and stay off active claims without permission. 

It is going to take me a while to get all the locations in here. Check back often as I add new places. I'm starting with the most popular and working my way to the more obscure. 

If you want more locations before i get these done and a different view of the Wyoming mineral collecting area check out my Library for the books I use when I go out rock hunting. 

Lithium Pegmatites of Central Wyoming:

Black Mountain pegmatites -- contains map

Eden Valley Petrified Wood Locations:

Blue forest -- contains map

Oregon Buttes

Wyoming Agate collecting areas:


Delaney Rim -- Turritella agate

Lysite Agate --
Wind River -- Wind River Iris agate 

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