Wyoming moss agate

Wyoming has several types of moss agate. 

Sweetwater agate

Sweetwater agate is a beautiful bluish translucent chalcedony with black dendrites inside. It can resemble Montana moss agate sometimes. Some Sweetwater agates have a very dark smokies chalcedony that looks black until it is held up to the light. Once the dark Sweetwater agate is held up to the light it reveals either dendrites or a pretty pattern of brown to gold translucent bands. One of the popular features of the Sweetwater agates is the fluorescence displayed under a black light. 

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Wiggins fork moss agate

Wiggins fork moss agate is a translucent agate that has green moss like inclusions. Some times the green dendrites are of a more massive variety instead of looking like "moss". This quality makes this Wiggins fork material unique.

more soon with pics