Wyoming rocks and minerals

Collecting rocks in Wyoming is pure heaven. Due to the lack of population most of the rock collecting sights are not very picked over. Rock hunting is fairly easy as most ancient gravel bars have jasper and agate and various other lapidary materials. Most of the agate and jasper found on the market from locations worldwide can be found in wyoming. Most of the rock collecting sights are unnamed and never been touched by Rock hunters. The links below will provide a bit of info on some of the agate, jasper and other types found in central wyoming.

Rocks and popular lapidary materials of Wyoming.

Wyoming agate information:
Wyoming agate collecting consists of several types.

Wyoming Iris agate

Wyoming jasper information:
There are a bunch of different kinds of jasper in Wyoming. Over the next year or so I am going to classify the different kinds found in the windriver gravel beds and the ancient cobblestone conglomerates found with in the wind river basin. Most of these materials are not named and have not been discussed much (if at all) in published media.