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         You may have noticed the lack of updates. This is due to the fact that we moved to Fort Collins, sadly Colorado is a much more fast paced world than Wyoming and takes most of my free time. We are getting settled in our new life and I will soon be updating the site again with both Colorado and Wyoming rockhounding trips once work calms down and I adjust to this new "city living". I am keeping up on posting photographic reports of the current gem shows i attend such as the denver gem and mineral shows.

09-11-15 We Are Headed to the Denver Gem and Mineral Show 2015 !!! Wooo Hooo!!! A week worth of rocks and min err als. This going to be awesome. I will be trying something new. I'm going to be doing updates from my phone. You can find the show report here.

09-07-15 The denver gem and mineral shows are coming in a week. I will cover it a per usual. so expect a half finished report :P

12-22-14 We are in the depths of winter (even tho it is a very mild winter). I can't wait for spring.

09-11-14 I set up my case for the main show today. Tomorrow is the start of the main show. I got to preview the HUGE HUGE  H U G E ! ! ! amazonite smoky plate joe doris has from the pocket he dug during the prospectors show. It was mind blowing.  If you want to see a few pictures of it click here You have to see this thing to believe it. If you have a chance go to the main show at the merchandise mart and see this thing in real life. It is a must see for any rockhound. 

09-10-14 I have put up photos from the denver mineral shows and a bit of commentary on the first few pages. If I get time I will put more up. Off we go to day 4 of the denver mineral, fossil, gem, jewelry, bead, and whatever someone had lying around they think they might sell show. See you there  The Denver Gem and Mineral Shows 2014 

09-09-14 We are at the shows. I will update the show report in the evenings as time permits.

09-02-14 The Denver Gem and Mineral Shows 2014 are coming. We will be attending them as usual. I will be posting a photo gem show report here after the mineral show. We did attend the 2014 Denver spring mineral show but I never had time to post the report. Maybe when I retire :)

09-16-13 We are back from the Denver gem and mineral show. I am working on the report a little each day. It was a good show, we had a nice time except for when we were accused of stealing and aggressively frisked at the JG&M Expo Denver show in the quality inn. It was quite the surreal experience and there is a good chance we will not go back to that show next year. You can read about all the rain and new mineral here >>>>>2013 Denver gem and mineral show report fall<<<<<<<

09-09-13 It has been a very busy summer for us. I have been working 50-80 hours a week and trying to get settled into our new place in fort collins. We are currently attending the Denver Gem and mineral show fall 2013 for a much needed break. I am going to try to put a report up as it happens.

04-19-13 We Attended the Denver spring show. Denver gem and mineral show 2013 spring

04-13-13 The first Colorado hounding trip!!! (technically the second since i went to book cliffs a couple years back) I was given a tip on a quartz crystal collecting area in the red feather lakes area. 04-13-13 red feather quartz crystals and a surprise mineral

04-06-13 The first rockhounding trip I've taken in almost a year. We were meeting my parents in Casper to take the kids back from visiting me for a week. We took a rockhounding adventure through Shirley basin. 04-06-13 Shirley basin agates and calcite.

03-22-13 Attended and helped with the Fort Collins rockhound club gem and mineral show. It was great fun and very enjoyable. This is one of the first Rockhound related activities I've done in what seems like forever. Fort Collins Gem and Mineral Show 2013

09-08-12 We are attending the 2012 Denver Gem and Mineral show. Sadly we will only get two weekends of it instead of the whole week. New job, New house, New city does not allow us to have a week off right now. Next year tho it will be a different story. I will be putting up a 2012 Denver mineral show report here 2012 Denver gem and mineral show report fall.

02-05-12 It has been a crazy hectic winter. between the holidays work and personal issues I haven't had time to blink much less time to work on the site. The snow has been falling everywhere but in Riverton.  It has been very warm with temperatures reaching 40+ IN JANUARY!!! in fact we had rain. yes real honest to goodness rain in January at night. I couldn't believe it. If i get time I am hoping to go out for a bit.

10-15-11 This is my 3rd trip to the area in the report 5-30-10 Orthoclase the other white crystal The second trip (no report sorry) I found a couple nice but very small pseudomorph of what I thought was goethite after pyrite. Sadly the nicest one fell out of my pocket and was missing once i got back. Now it was the first day of hunting season and i was hunting rocks instead of big game. I found a huge surprise once I got there it was so weird. 

10-02-11 went back to the area in 05-01-11 Water line and fortification agate and calcite geodes and selenite phew! report and found some very nice golden calcite. I will add this trip on to the end of that report.

09-10-11 The 2011 Denver gem mineral and jewelry shows were a ton of fun this year. Reports will be finished over the next few months I did a photo report during the show you can find it here. 

I MADE IT!!! After 8 years of trying I finally got to crystal park. A public quartz digging area on the Montana Idaho boarder. Woooo. This is the report of the trip and the cool quartz crystals we found.
It was an adventure with my kids (the two youngest) and the two neighbor girls whom they are friends with. I strive to take as many kids rockhounding as I can.  This gets them outside for some exercise and establish a respect and enjoyment for the great outdoors. It may not sink in till they become adults but the seeds are sown. I decided to go after the garnets again. It is a bit of a hike but not outside the range of the youngest. We found some good stuff.
I took a 4 mile hike to explore so region I'd been interested in getting to. Yes it was very very hot and it took a toll on me (i'll explain in my report). Yes I found another mineral specimen deposit lying right on top of the ground. Wyoming is just covered in mineral specimens it's crazy. I'm not exactly sure what i have found but my initial guess is a pseudomorph  of goethite after marcasite. The crystals are very crisp and clean great new addition to my wyoming mineral collection. 

It's been a very busy summer with no rockhounding. The few trips I had planed fell apart such as the 2011 wpa gold prospecting outing. I was very saddened not to be able to attend. This last weekend was the first time I was able to do any rockhounding since the beginning of may. This weekend I went in search of fluorite a friend told me about. It was a bit of a drive and a fun time with my kids. 

WOW!! what a day. wait till you see what I found. 

We have returned from the Denver gem and mineral show. This spring rock show of 2011 was a lot of fun. I will be working on the report over the next few weeks. click here to see it

Cabin feaver struck again. I had to get out. Yes it was snowing outside...so what. I've been itching to get back to lost creek. so today was the day. Oh boy was I glad i went inspite of the snow. I hit the motherload. Check it out 

We couldn't stay in the house any longer. With no plan other than leaving the house for rocks we ended up on a road that was almost not open for spring passage. We were in the jade fields of wyoming dodging snow drifts. see the report here 03-19-11 The weird purple rock

My kids had spring break this week and I took my youngest son out rockhounding. We found some cool stuff. report here soon:  

We went to the TATE Mineralogical museum in Casper Wyoming this weekend it was cool. I have a 

It has been a long winter. Snow has covered the ground the whole time. Luckily I have been so busy with work I haven't had much time to think about rockhounding. I attended the c-mas party the Riverton Gem & Mineral Society has each year. It was a great time. I also attended the silent auction auction that raises money for the club. Viewing and bidding on all the cool rocks and mineral specimens gave me the itch to get out. Common spring!!!!
Winter is in full swing here. It was 8 below the other day. The rockhounding is done until spring unless we get an unusual warm period. 
I have got a back up computer going and am working on retrieving the images on my broken main computer. As soon as I do I am going to work on finishing the uncompleted reports from this summer and the Denver gem show 2010 report.

Took one more trip to copper mountain. Went by myself as I had no takers to go with me. It was a perfect day not too hot and not to cold.
I found Some nice specimen and canvased a lot of ground.
My computer has been having issues for a month now and it finally died all the way. I am currently on a back up computer with no way currently to upload the pictures that are on the camera. I am going to have to find the archive disks to finish the other reports that are not done if my main computer has something drastically wrong with it. *sigh* 
*Wyoming rockhound looking to trade rocks for computer repair. Inquire at the house that has rocks where the lawn used to be*

Went to copper mountain again. Took a couple friends to show them our cool new finds. It was rainy, windy and cold on saturday not the best day for rockhounding. We discovered even better malachite and azurite than last time. Of course the next day (when we didn't go) was sunny, calm, and warm, go figure. Such is the life of a Wyoming rockhound. 

This weekend I took my kids to copper mountain to do a bit more scouting of the garnets I found at the very end of the day in the 6-06-10 Fremont Wyoming Owl creek trip report. Not only did we find more garnets we discovered another nice find to add to my Wyoming collection. God I love Wyoming and the lack of mineral specimen collectors *tee hee*. Find out what I found here 10-3-10 Owl Creek mountains trip No.2

I'm back from the Denver rock and mineral shows of 2010. I will be writing my report over the next few weeks. Click here for the report Denver Gem and Mineral Show Report 2010

Took a cool camping/rockhounding trip this labor day weekend. We went to Wiggins Fork and stayed at the double cabins campground. This was my first time there and it was very interesting. I learned a lot about the elusive petrified wood and gorgeous green moss agate lapidary materials that comes from there.
Read about it here

This summer has been very busy. Sadly none of it was rockhound orientated. I have done a bit of research into the specimens I have, trying to find out a bit more on the mystery rocks in my collection. The Denver gem and mineral show is coming soon and I can't wait. The show report will be posted here after the show.
Denver Gem and Mineral Show Report 2010

The annual Wyoming Prospectors Association outing was last weekend. It is always a great club event. The dirt that was brought in was very good this year. Everyone seemed pleased during their clean up. 
6-26-10 WPA gold prospecting outing.

The 2010 Wyoming state rock and mineral show held in Powell is over. I had another failed attempt at collecting pseudomorphs Saturday morning ( dolomite after aragonite ) before I visited the show. This years rock hound show was a great place to see Wyoming mineral and lapidary specimens. report>> Wyoming state rock show 2010 report

We attempted to get to the pseudomorph ( calcite after aragonite ) collecting area near Laramie but a new fence has been erected with a locked gate on the main road ("NO TRESPASSING"). very sad, we are not likely to see many new specimen from this site anymore. If you have acquired specimen from this location cherish them.

More rain...... (sigh) forecast predicts snow tomorrow. Look mother nature I need time to collect the minerals in Wyoming. oh well time to sort and trim stuff.
The flooding rivers could make this a great year for Wyoming gold prospecting as the flood waters uncover and churn the river gravels.

I had my kids this weekend and on sunday we went rockhounding in the Owl Creeks. I was looking for the spot I had found some lustrous black crystals but while searching for it I found a great new addition to my mineral collection. 6-06-10 Fremont Wyoming Owl creek trip

We had planned on going to the blue forest multi rockclub gathering this memorial day weekend but it didn't work out. We were able to get out on sunday for a quick one day adventure to a place close by to look for orthoclase crystals. Trip report here 5-30-10 Orthoclase the other white crystal.

I had a great time at the Riverton gem and mineral society field trip. It was a bit rainy, cold and muddy but a lot of good stuff was found.

It is starting to dry out from the crazy 3 1/2+ inches of precipitation (rain/snow) we received in 3 days. Our yearly average is 7, so yah... 3 1/2+ is a ton for us. Soon I hope to go out rockhounding. The Riverton gem and mineral society (local rockhounding club) postponed their field trip to sand draw till this weekend because everything was still covered in snow last weekend. 

three inches of snow and still snowing forecast says 3-7 inches more. This is February disguised as May I just know it. April showers bring may floww ummm  ... Snow storms? This stupid weather is cutting into this years rockhounding. At least I had the cool April 26th trip. Last year was a very short summer. sadly this year is starting the same way.

Rain, snow,rain,snow.....wet wet wet cold cold cold. Someday summer will get here.

I'm back from my whirlwind Rock hounding trip. Schröckingerite in Wyoming, Denver spring gem and mineral show, and Book Cliffs barite in Colorado. Wyoming rockhounding, Colorado rockhounding and a rock show. It was a very full weekend.
4-25-10 Colorado book cliffs barite 

I couldn't control myself anymore The snow still on the ground but melting fast I had to go see what was in the big calcite vein. Oh boy was braving the mud worth it. Read about it here. 4-10-10 Wyoming Calcite specimens this is part 4 of the Snow? What Snow? Rockhounding adventure.

We are back to the spring cycle of : It just starts to warm up and dry out, then it snows and gets cold. Two days later we start the process all over again. We have two inches of snow on the ground this morning and more is falling. I'm soooo over this winter.

It was an amazing day. Bre came up for the weekend and we went out to the calcite crystal area in, Snow? What snow? part1and part2. We found some truly amazing stuff. 

I went for my first spring walk today. It was a very small 5 mile hike but I'm so out of shape from this winter of never ending snow. I found a few things. nice agate picture jasper and some weird mineral I don't think is calcite. I'm hoping it is fluorite but that might just be a long shot.

Driving my kids back to my ex-wifes house we stopped for another quick rockhounding jaunt. While I was driving back my car broke :(
Wyoming geode rock hunting 3-21-10


Welcome to the frustration of spring time Wyoming mineral collecting. It just starts to warm up and dry out, then it snows and gets cold. Two days later we start the process all over again. I did make it out to collect up some more of the calcite specimen I found in 1-31-10 Snow? What snow?. I found an additional calcite mineral vein that was hidden under a snow bank that has melted away. I will update the story with pictures in the next few days. 

I got a brief bit of rock hounding in this weekend. I stopped near Shoshoni to see which kind of agate I had found there. I couldn't find the container that had the rocks I had found from this location last time, so I went looking for more. To my surprise there are both kinds found at this location, The iris agate and the sweetwater agate. I also found two nice Wyoming jade river rocks. One is very dark green almost black. The other is a bit lighter green and translucent when I chipped a thin piece off it. Also found two kinds of petrified wood. As always I have to show some discipline and not pick up any of the jasper or jaspagate there is just so much. I took pictures of one very nice large nodule I might go get later. Yah my shoes are a bit muddy now *smile* here is the link to my Wyoming rock hunting. Wyoming rock hunting on 3-5-10

It's warming up a bit, common spring. Too bad all the rock hunting areas are bottomless mud pits right now.

snow....snow....snow.....cold...cold...cold. (sigh) This is the time to clean, trim and organize my mineral specimens I guess.

This years winter has been very detrimental to rock hounding in central Wyoming. I have been spoiled by the soft winters of the last 10 years. This is the first winter since before 2000 that we have had snow covering the ground all winter with no warm breaks in between. In years past there would be a few warm weeks with no snow cover that I could go stomp the hills and collect minerals. Not this year sadly. I am jonesing for a rock fix so bad right now. My girlfriend and I went to Denver to see avatar in 3d-Imax and the next day we went to the Denver natural history museum which has a great gem and mineral wing. I had to see some minerals some gems, rocks, gold ANYTHING!!! After exploring the place we went to the gift shop. I was standing in front of the counter that had a container with various semi-precious stones cut into shapes, quartz points, and the like. I had stood there for a while searching through the stones when my girlfriend came up and gave me a smirk. "What" I asked her. "your so hard up that here you are rock hounding in the museum gift shop". I sighed....It was true. Of course at that point we both stood there going through the rocks for another 15 minutes. Someone who likes rocks as much as i do.....I am truly blessed. On the way back from Denver I did make a cool discovery. Read about this Wyoming mineral collecting story below.