• We hunt in both Nebraska and Wyoming.
  • I recommend waiting to purchase licenses until your arrival in Torrington.
  • Nebraska and Wyoming licenses are available online. Nebraska offers a 2-day license in addition to season licenses. Wyoming offers one, two and three day licenses as well as season licenses. Wyoming licenses are available online as well as at local outlets. If you are staying at the Holiday Inn, they have a computer and printer for guests' use to print your licenses.
       Nebraska Game and Parks

       Wyoming Game and Fish
  • You will also need an HIP (Harvest Information Program) permit for each state. They are free and are available online as well.
  • Make sure you have your Federal Waterfowl Stamp with you. They can be purchased at your local Post Office and online through numerous state game departments.

Temperatures in our North Platte River valley can vary widely. Although rare, we occasionally experience morning temperatures below zero. Our normal lows are in the mid-teens and temperatures warm quickly during the day. Even though our blinds and pits are heated, it does get cold. You should be prepared.

  • long underwear - tops and bottoms.
  • warm socks.
  • turtlenecks.
  • sweaters or flannel shirts.
  • jeans or warm pants.
  • warm camo jacket.
  • camo pit pant bibs.
  • 2 pair warm gloves or mittens. (if one should get wet)
  • camo hat and stocking cap.
  • rubber muck boots. (recommend cold weather "Bogs" - warmest boot I have ever worn - No leather boots as your feet will get cold)
  • waterproof jacket. (when it is snowing or raining)
Personal Gear
  • blind bag.
  • thermos for coffee or hot drinks.
  • thermal "Go" cup.
  • hand warmers.
  • snacks.
  • camera.
  • hearing protection.
  • sunglasses or shooting glasses.
Guns and ammunition
  •  28 gauge, 20 gauge or 12 gauge autoloaders, pumps or O/U.
  • chokes: recommend modified or improved cylinder. No need for full chokes.
  • We invite you to bring 20 gauge, 28 gauge or 410 gauge. Shooting Canada geese and Mallards with small bore guns is a real thrill. Many of our guests shoot 20 gauge only.
  • shot size: #4, #3 or #2 steel shot for both ducks and geese. Please no Bs or Ts.  WyoBraska Waterfowl guides will decoys birds to close range. Most shots are inside 20 yards. If you are flying you may want to ship ammo to our shipping address. If you are flying into Denver, CO, or Casper, WY, you will find several outlets for shells. Contact us for recommendations.
Optional Gear
  • hip boots or waders if you would like to help set decoys when hunting water or for keeping dry in pit or blind from wet dogs or snow. If you are bringing your retriever, you will want to bring waders. Otherwise you won't need them.
  • rubber decoy gloves.
  • video camera.
  • white coat for snow.
  • binoculars.
  • coolers for transporting game.
Bird Cleaning
  • you are responsible for your birds.
  • there is a local bird processor who will pick or breast birds for a reasonable fee or you may clean your birds. When transporting waterfowl it must have wing or head attached.
  • we strictly adhere to individual daily limits and possession limits. 
  • you are welcome to bring your dog.
  • bring chest waders
  • dogs must be under control in the blind or pit. If your dog will sit outside, they must be steady to shot or be leashed.
  • safety is our primary concern. If your dog is a safety concern in the blind, your guide may require you to take your dog back to your vehicle.
  • all blinds and pits are equipped with dog entry, water and bowls
  • we highly recommend a dog vest.