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My son-in-law and I enjoyed the hunt in spite of the weather conditions…even though we both missed a few shots (I missed more than Mark, my son-in-law)…but…we also made some and came home with a considerable amount of duck and goose meat…but…let me mention a couple of other things that made the hunt successful…your son, JJ, called me when I was on the road to Torrington…I”ve never had that happen before…then he met us at the Holiday Inn Express just as we arrived…I’ve never had that happen before…Mark and I were the only hunters in the blind…I’ve never had that happen before…JJ did not have a shotgun so he couldn’t compete with us even if he wanted to…I’ve never had that happen before (I’m a little slow, and I have had guides shoot birds that I was aiming at, much to my chagrin)…the sliding blind lids with a unique ability to see the sky through them…I’ve never had that ability before…and of course, JJ was personable, friendly and helpful…now I can be grumpy at times, but JJ never gave me an opportunity to be that way…I look forward to next month when I will be back with an old friend and hunting partner, best wishes!

Herb Manig, Laramie, WY

We are very much looking forward to coming back out there for a hunting trip next season. Our experience was phenomenal, our group of 3 had fantastic hunting every hunt we were on. We had the opportunity to watch JJ’s dogs work which was a pleasure. We had a great time hunting with JJ, it was more like hunting with a friend – he didn’t treat us as just another group of paying customers. We had a great time sharing stories and talking about hunting. The blinds, decoy spreads, and calling were first class. We knew after the first day we wanted to come back.

Anthony Camparone, Mars Pet Foods, Chalfont, PA

Reflections......as I look back over the past three days I have accumulated many of the finest memories possible in this mortal life!    It started with a dinner of hand-made tamales, pies and sharing the experience with the warmth of friends!    I'd rate the hunting days as follows:   Day three at Grattan was a 10/10; Day two at Location X was a 10/10 in spite of the wind; Day one at Location X was off the scale!! Probably a 12/10!  Taking limits of mallards and Canadas wasn't even the highlight of the day. Watching thousands of mallards and Canadas fill the sky as they passed overhead was simply majestic.   I can't imagine anything that might have enhanced the experience any further !    Wyobraska Waterfowl is committed to excellence in the outdoors, you treat your hunters like they're just part of the  family, just like you'd want to be treated yourself.   Thanks Michael, Janet, JJ and all of the dogs!    LLW

Dr. Lynn Wilcox, Mink Creek, Idaho

I thoroughly enjoyed the last couple of days with you. I would be interested in looking at some available dates for snow goose this spring and also for a early January 2018 hunt. I would commit to a four man hunt and handle filling it on my end as we get closer.

I certainly appreciated your skill, attitude and work ethic.

Carl B. Dickinson, President/CEO, United Farmers Cooperative, York, NE

I have talked to Jordan and my dad and we all had a blast and would really like to come back. Hunting mallards on the North Platte was everything we had hoped for. Out of all of the places we have hunted together in the past, Wyobraska Waterfowl is the only one everyone wants to make a return trip to. Your hard work and professionalism went a long way with us. Thanks again for a great time in the blind and have a Merry Christmas. Good luck on the rest of your season as well.

Matt Patterman, Russellville, Arkansas

If you are looking for a first class hunt with a true gentleman sportsman with a high probability of being in the right place at the right time then you should give Wyobraska Waterfowl with Jason Randolph very serious consideration. JJ's attention to detail is obvious in all facets of the hunt from the blinds to the decoys to the call of the shot and the retrieval of the game. The wildlife is the star of this adventure with the shot often an anticlimax as JJ works them into extremely close range. Whether you are after mallards, Canadas, or snow geese you will be treated to a terrific hunting experience in his very capable hands.

I have been blessed to share the blind with three generations of this family and have come to appreciate that it is not just what they do; it is who they are. I can offer no stronger recommendation.

Dr.  Keith Baird, Hastings, Nebraska

Hunting with Jason Randolph and WyoBraska Waterfowl is something my dog and I look forward to every year. We hunted over 15 days this past year and each day was special. He is dog friendly, very professional and fun to be with. I hate to give him too many compliments because I want to make sure he does not book all his days before I get mine reserved for next year!

Jeff Meyer, Jacksonville, Florida

I have hunted with JJ numerous times over the past several years. In my experience waterfowl hunting all over North and South America, WyoBraska Waterfowl is hands down the best operation I have seen. Incredible blinds and decoy sets coupled with great dogs and expert calling have consistently produced wonderful results. I look forward to more of the same. 

Ken Markin, Lyons, Colorado

Psalms 118:24 provides timely counsel about priorities in life. "this is the day the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it"....my translation.....live a little everyday!  I never regret a moment that I spend in a blind with JJ.   From the promise of first light  to the majesty of nature that surrounds us, I'm literally living a dream.  Throw in daily humorous stories about dogs, unnamed hunters and life itself and there is never a dull moment. This is a first class operation with my greatest regret being that of leaving for home at the conclusion of our hunt.  John Greenleaf Whittier probably stated it best.  "For of all sad word of tongue or pen.  The saddest are these: "It might have been.".  That is how I'd feel if I didn't  have such an opportunity.  Kudos to JJ and an incredible supporting cast of Labradors.
Dr. Lynn L. Wilcox, Salt Lake City, Utah

Jason, Thank you for a great hunt. You did a great job of calling no matter what Al said about you. It was a very memorable trip and has to go down as one of my top hunts of a lifetime. Thank you again! 

Michael Hall,  Estherville, Iowa

Jason, I just wanted to say you thank you for an amazing Mallard hunt. Leonard and I enjoyed the blog and have spread the word about WyoBraska Waterfowl to all of our hunting buddies. I would love to come back and do some goose hunting but not sure when I will be able to make it happen. I will definitely be back! 
Logan Staggs, USMC, Memphis, TN

Just a quick note of thanks for a great trip. I appreciate your professionalism and ethics as a guide, and look forward to sharing time in a blind again.    
Mike Bertelson, President, Cowboy Cauldron Company, Salt Lake City, UT