Spring Snow Geese

Snow Storm

The Original Spring Snow Goose Outfitter

Another Record Harvest in 2018!
Limited Availability For The 2019 Spring Snow Goose Season

"The Greatest Spectacle In Waterfowling"

I was the very first outfitter in the country to offer guided hunts during the Spring Snow Goose Conservation Order exclusively over water spreads.

Have you ever been underneath a flock of 500 to 1000 decoying geese? The sight and sound is sure to boost any avid waterfowler's adrenaline level. We hunt Spring Snow Geese in southeast Nebraska in the heart of the major snow goose migration corridor. 

From late February through mid-March millions of snow geese make their trek northward through this area. As the snow and cold weather retreat, snow geese take to the wing and we are in the middle of the most spectacular waterfowl migration in North America. 

We hunt over water spreads to make sure our hunters have the best opportunity to bag this elusive quarry. We use all the tricks available to us. We utilize thousands of full body field and floater decoys.  We have the latest and greatest in electronic calling systems as well. Our guides are seasoned snow goose veterans. They will make your day in the blind a memorable experience.

Our retrievers mark and retrieve the long 'sailers' to guarantee all birds are added to the day's take.  And comfort? You don't have to sit in a hastily fabricated 'stick blind' where the wind cuts right through you or lay on your back all day on cold,  wet ground in layout blinds along with 15-20 hunters you have never met.  You hunt with your group only. Our heated blinds accommodate five hunters plus guide and provide the ultimate in concealment and comfort. Each hunter lounges in a reclining office chair while watching the birds through a unique sliding lid system that allows hunters to watch the action while staying warm and comfortable. Our blinds are simply the best available.  We hunt multiple locations allowing us to accommodate groups of up to 20 hunters.

2018 Spring Snow Goose Wrap Up
The 2018 snow goose migration began with cold weather and ended one week earlier than normal with warm weather. Our hunters took 120 - 240 birds a day for the first week.  The warm temps and lack of snow cover resulted in a very quick migration. Yet, the end result was, for the fifth year in a row,  a record number of birds harvested.

2019 Reservations

100% of our groups have re-booked for the 2019 season.  We will have a limited number of openings available for the 2019  season. I encourage you to reserve your dates as soon as possible.

Email or call our office at 307-575-9206 for reservations and information.