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WyoBraska Waterfowl Labrador Retrievers

Tommie, 4 years old,  is the youngster on the retriever team. My dogs are named for people who have had an influence on my life. Tommie is named for my dear friend Tom Harpstreith. Tom passed away unexpectedly in 2010. Tom and I spent countless days in the field together in pursuit of waterfowl. Now I have the privilege of spending many days pursuing waterfowl with my friend's namesake. Tommie's mother and father are both in the Master National Retriever Hall of Fame. 

Tommie with my father, Michael,  last day duck season, Jan 2015

Tommie just completed her 3rd full year on the retriever staff.  Her unbridled enthusiasm and explosive water entries are a joy to witness. She is very steady and handles like a seasoned veteran.  She just completed her second snow goose season and my hunters are still talking about her.  75 retrieves in one day in ice cold water? 500 yd blind retrieves? Remembering a mark for 90 minutes. Not a problem!  Tommie has become an excellent upland hunter as well. 

Danielle. 14, is named for Danielle Leiber from Chicago.  Dani (the dog) is retired. Dani has been featured in several national publications, including several Ducks Unlimited issues.  Her nickname is "The Exploder".  She operates at the same high-level energy she had when she was a puppy. She will retrieve multiple downed birds faster than you can possibly imagine.  She was  my North Platte River specialist. Dani knows where the mallard or goose is going  before they know. She will do 500 yard blind retrieves on birds that fall in the woods across the river or live birds racing downstream. I think her favorite bird to hunt is the snow goose. She loves the long sailing bird, whether it is a 1000 yards across a field or a 500-yard swim across a lake. Dani also loves to hunt Sage Grouse, Hungarian Partridge, Chukar and Ringneck Pheasants.

AZ, 12 is named for long-time family friend John Allen. AZ is also retired.  She is my Canada Goose specialist and has also been featured in national magazines.  She is built more like a linebacker than a ballet dancer. She picks up twelve pound Canada geese as if they were hummingbirds. She marks multiple birds and never forgets. If there is a live goose, she puts on her "pads" and runs over it like Dick Butkus going after a quarterback. Z also has a great nose. She can track downed birds in heavy cover better than most pointers. She has a very mellow demeanor and is a favorite of many of my hunters.  Az is also great on Sage Grouse, Huns, Chukar, and pheasants.

Molly is a  six-year-old black Lab. She is named for my sister. She hits the water with explosive entries. Molly is my steadiest dog. She will sit outside all day and never make a sound. She loves hunting Canadas and snow geese but is obsessed with mallards.  Molly has the best nose of all my labs. Consequently, she also loves hunting upland birds. It is a joy to watch her track downed birds in heavy cover.  She is also the sweetest dog you can you can possibly imagine. Molly has six Master National Hall of Fame dogs in her lineage. 

If you love hunting with and watching well-trained retrievers work, you will enjoy hunting with Molly and Tommie. Many of our guests come to just watch the dogs!

I am often asked about my dogs. I firmly believe breeding is the key factor when selecting a hunting partner. Do lots of research on a breeder.  All of my Labs come from Labradors Unlimited Kennels in Valparaiso, IN, owned by Pat and Bill Cox. Bill not only has some of the finest bloodlines, he is also one of the very best trainers in the country. Bill has qualified countless dogs for the Master National and has placed many in the Master National Retriever Hall of Fame. Bill's female black Lab, Sugar, passed the MNH 9 consecutive years. The most ever by any dog in the history of the Master National Hunt Test. If you are looking for a quality hunting partner and great family friend look no further than Labradors Unlimited.

Labradors Unlimited, Valparaiso, IN 
Bill Cox's cell phone: 219-508-4445