HOA Annual Assessment

Homeowners Association

Annual Assessment

Due: January 1st, Late: January 31st

The Wynn Wood Homeowners Association annual assessment for the current calendar year is due payable by January 1st.

The Association collects assessments from each lot/parcel or homeowner in order to maintain:
  • 53 acres of common property located within the development
  • management of the association
  • maintain the Associations Repair & Replacement - Reserve Fund.
Assessments are for the balance of the calendar year and are due on the first day of January of that calendar year
The Association Officers sets the annual assessment for the upcoming year and announces the assessment rate to the members during the scheduled HOA meeting.
  • Assessment notices are mailed out by the Treasurer at least 15 days in advance of the due date.  This may be the "only" notification a resident will receive that the assessment is due.
  • Assessments are considered past due if not paid by the 31st of January,
  • Assessment late fee is 10% of the assessed amount.  Please have your payments postmarked prior to January 31st,
  • All non-sufficient funds (NSF) or return check fees (as imposed by any financial institution) will be added to the assessed amount (some charge up to $40.00).
  • "Under special situations" an "Assessment Payment Plan" may be available for those who need to pay their assessment over a period of three (3) months.  You can download the "Assessment Payment Plan" from here.  Complete and return the form to the board or contact the treasurer for more information or to have a form sent to you.
For a description of association expenses related to the assessments you should reference the current budget worksheet given out during scheduled HOA meetings or contact the HOA using the "Contact Us" page.
To view how the associations assessment has changed view our "HOA TimeLine" page.
The Association's Assessment for the calendar year starting January 1st is:
     Calendar Year:       Current Year
Assessment Due:   As outlined at the Association's Annual meeting

~ Annual Assessment Increase for 2011 ~

The vote to increase the annual assessment fee by $25 passed with the required 2/3rds vote.  The additional $25 will be placed in a newly created "Reserve" fund.  This money will be used to fund those projects which are required by our by-laws and restrictions and which require costs over and above what is already budgeted.

Our goal is to assure that we can pay for any unanticipated expenses that come up.

An Assessment Payment Plan "under special situations" is available for those who need to pay their assessment over a period of three (3) months.

Please contact the treasurer for more information and to have a form sent to you.

The Association Assessment is payable to the HOA by check or money orderPayments should be made out to the Wynn Wood Homeowners Association and mailed to the address below:

Wynn Wood Homeowners Association

P.O. Box 488

Camden, DE 19934-0488

The homeowner is responsible for the assessment until the sale of the home is complete.  Assessments should be recouped from the buyer at settlement.

For more information review the Declaration of Restrictions (revision 2008).

Thank you,


Wynn Wood Homeowners Association