Local Area Snowfall

The following information and links are to DelDOT's - Snow Removal Reimbursement Program and briefly explains the snow removal program and snow measurements.

For more information go to the Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) website.

A link is also provided to the DEOS "Latest Snow Conditions" which provides real-time snow depth measurements for Delaware.

DEOS Snow Conditions Page

Kent County "Official" measurements in inches for individual snow events.

 Delaware Department of Transportation | Community Programs and Services

Snow Removal Reimbursement Program - Frequently Asked Questions (extract):

Q. How does DelDOT determine the reimbursement rates for different developments?

A: DelDOT will reimburse based on 5 storm categories, the 1st category beginning with pavement snow accumulation of 4" to 8". The formula is based on a mobilization fee + mileage rate + cul de sac/dead end rate.  These rates are explained in detail in the informational letter mailed to enrolled associations in the fall.

Q. Who measures the snow storms and where?

A: The University of Delaware maintains twelve weather stations statewide equipped with automated snow sensors which will be used for the official snowfall measurement.  Accumulation totals are updated hourly on the University of Delaware Website  There is one weather station and snow sensor located within each of DelDOT's maintenance areas:

(See the map )

New Castle County

  • Area 12 - measured at Wilmington
  • Area 11 - measured at Hockessin
  • Area 10 - measured at Glasgow
  • Area 9 - measured at Blackbird

Kent County

  • Area 8 - measured at Dover
  • Area 7 - measured at Viola
  • Area 6 - measured at Harrington

Sussex County

  • Area 5 - measured at Selbyville
  • Area 4 - measured at Georgetown
  • Area 3 - measured at Ellendale
  • Area 2 - measured at Bridgeville
  • Area 1 - measured at Laurel

Q. How do I know whether a storm qualifies for reimbursement?

A: The posted measurement within your area must be at least four inches for a period of at least one hour. On the state's first work day after the storm, you may get the measurements posted on the DelDOT Website or call 1-800-652-5600 to get a voice recording of the official pavement accumulation.

The Delaware Environmental Observing System (DEOS)

The University of Delaware - Delaware Environmental Observing System (DEOS) is a support tool for decision makers involved with emergency management, natural resource monitoring, transportation, and other activities throughout the State of Delaware.  Their primary goal is to provide state agencies and the citizens of Delaware with immediate information about environmental conditions in and around the State.  DEOS also archives data for historical environmental studies and research.  DEOS provides real-time snow depth data for 12 locations across Delaware.  Data are reported as 48-hour snow accumulation values, which represents the largest difference between the maximum and minimum snow depth in the most recent 48 hour period.

DEOS Snow Conditions Page

DEOS - Snow Monitoring Network Map

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