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Town Services

Town of Camden

 Town Meetings - First Monday of each Month at 7:00 PM - Camden-Wyoming Sewer & Water Building

P.O. Drawer 1002, 2 South Main Street, Camden, DE 19934 - 302-697-2299

Camden Police Department
DISPATCH CENTER 24 Hour Non Emergency (302) 739-4863


Camden Police Department: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM Monday - Friday
Phone: (302) 697-2881  FAX (302) 697-2358



County Services

Kent County Levy Court

Kent County Levy Court

Kent County Administrative Complex - 555 Bay Road, Dover, Delaware 19901

Kent County PRIDE System

Kent County PRIDE System

This site has been created to provide the citizens of Kent County easy access to the property data stored on the county's computers. The data provided is current to the previous business day.

  Kent County Public Works

View and Download the Curbside Recycling GUIDELINESGarbage Collection & Curbside Recycling Services GUIDELINES Jan 2008

View and Download the Curbside Recycling SCHEDULEGarbage Collection & Recycling Service SCHEDULE 2010

Note: If the holiday falls on your scheduled pick-up day, your recyclables will be picked up on the following day. All remaining pick-ups for that week will be a day later. Please have your recyclables at the curb no later than 7:00 am.



  Kent County Municipal Planning
This site will allow the viewer to query certain land use information down to the parcel level.  Information such as parcel zoning, acreage, building permit, property location, building type, year built, and land use application information (conditional use, rezoning, and text amendment).  Each query search is dependent on the Kent County Parcel ID Number.



State Services


Delaware Solid Waste Authority (DSWA)

Delaware Solid Waste Authority (DSWA)


DSWA Curbside Recycle

DSWA's Curbside Recyling Program

DSWA's CURBSIDE RECYCLING PROGRAM is available to ALL residents of Delaware.

This program offers pick-up every other week of your mixed recyclables at your curb!


Attention! - Universal Recycling Update

Effective August 1, 2010 the Delaware Solid Waste Authority (DSWA) will not be signing on any NEW CUSTOMERS for the DSWA single-stream curbside recycling program. This policy has been put in place to begin the transition of curbside recycling services from DSWA to municipalities and private trash haulers, which is required in the new Universal Recycling Law.

The Governor’s Universal Recycling Bill was signed into law June 8, 2010. DSWA believes the Universal Recycling Law will significantly increase the amount of recycling participation in Delaware by requiring the municipalities and the private trash haulers to provide curbside recycling service to all of their customers. The new law also requires DSWA to stop offering curbside recycling and yard waste collection services as of September 15, 2011.

DSWA will continue to service existing recycling customers but will not be accepting any new customers. For more information, please call our Citizens’ Response Line 1-800-404-7080

Yard Waste Recycling
Effective April 1, 2010, DSWA will begin to provide every other week collection of yard waste collection on a year-round basis.  If you do not have a DSWA yard waste cart and wish to have one delivered or if you have any other questions about yard waste collection, please call the Citizens’ Response Line at 1-800-404-7080.
  Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT) Yard Waste Program
  All residents in the state of Delaware will have the opportunity to participate in DSWA’s new and improved Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT) yard waste collection program.  Our pay-as-you-throw program offers pick-up of your yard waste at your curb.
  Yard Waste is collected every other week year round.
  What is Yard Waste? 
  Yard Waste is defined as plant material resulting from lawn maintenance and other horticultural gardening and landscaping activities. It can be specifically described as grass clippings, leaves pruning, brush, shrubs, garden material, and branches
  Purchase Stickers
  Customers will be able to purchase stickers from DSWA.

Place 3 pink stickers in the clear bag on the side of the brown yard waste cart each collection day.

Stickers will cost $1 each and are purchased in increments of 10.

  For example, you may purchase 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 stickers at one time.

Stickers are available to order through DSWA’s website or by calling DSWA’s Citizens’ Response Line 1-800-404-7080.  Unless shown otherwise, the stickers will be mailed to the billing address.


10 Yard Waste Stickers $10.00
Buy Yard Waste Stickers

More Information


This is Delaware Helpline's free on-line service where you can search for human service referrals to community resources.
SafeLink Wireless is a government supported program that provides a free cell phone and airtime each month for income-eligible customers.

Additional links

Delaware "leash laws".


"Dangerous and Potentially Dangerous Dogs"


Animal safety tips for kids


Delaware Noise Ordinances (i.e. Barking Dogs - scroll down to page 5)


If you have additional concerns, or see a potentially dangerous animal in the area, please call Delaware Animal and Care Control (888 352 7722 or the Kent County SPCA | KCSPCA (302) 698-3006.


Important Contact Information for Neighborhood Associations
DELDOT Subdivision Snow Removal Reimbursement Program
Linda Stump
(302) 760-2085

New Roads in NCC Subdivisions
Subdivision Section
(302) 326-4679

Certificates of Incorporation and Franchise Tax Reports
Delaware Division of Corporations/Secretary of State's Office
(302) 739-3073

Issues with public utilities
Public Service Commission, Government Services Administrator
(302) 739-2612

Report street light outages
Delmarva Power

On-Lot Drainage Issues for New Construction
NCC Dept. of Land Use, Customer Relations
(302) 395-5555

Drainage and Stormwater Assistance Line
(302) 855-1955

Tree Grants for new plantings and forest/tree maintenance
DE Department of Agriculture: Forest Service Urban Forestry Coordinator
(302) 698-4500

Natural Habitat Programs for Private Open Space - Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) Soil and Water Conservation Division, Delaware Coastal Programs
(302) 739-9283

Mosquito Control
DNREC, Division of Fish and Wildlife
(302) 323-4492

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Philadelphia District
(302) 736-9763

Create a Maintenance Corporation/Civic Association web site
Neighborhood Link