How We Contact You About
Community News & Events


This site will contain information about community updates, meetings, happenings in the community, and HOA announcements.  So take a look, come back from time to time.  It's your web page so recommend additions, send in your pictures, if it can be added why not!  The information included on the site is for your benefit.
Wynn Wood Homeowners Association Community Web Site
"Remember the community web site is being setup by community volunteer(s) who have little to no web design experience.  It will take time to get everything setup.  If you know a little about setting up a web site or want to help add items, volunteer your services to the coordinators.  I am sure any help will be helpful.
If you feel something needs to be added to the web site you can send the recommendation to the WebMaster using the the "Contact Us" page.
Event for the community will be posted under the "Community Events" page on the website.  Events notifying the community about upcoming or important events will be emailed to the residents who wish to receive email from the HOA.
First notification will be sent at least 30 days from the event with a reminder sent around 7 days from the event.  If you have a Hotmail, Windows Live, Yahoo, Google, or Apple iCal email account you can add that event to your online calendar and also receive reminders from your calendar.
If you wish to be added to the HOA email contact list you can click on the "Join Our Mailing List" icon located on the left menu bar or from the "Contact Us" page.
Community Email News and Information automated email:  Signing up to receive community email will allow the community residents to automatically receive an email through "MailChimp" (the email sending host) whenever the board or a committee posts a new message to their announcement page.  This is a more efficient way of contacting the community residents without having the residents constantly check the websites board/committee announcement pages just to see if something new has been posted.  This creates a "one-stop-shopping using email, which we regularly check anyway".
Residents who have "Joined Our Mailing List" with the new email sending host (MailChimp) to receive "Community Email News and Information" will also receive an email whenever the Board or a Committee posts a new message at their announcement pages.


  • allows the board/committee to communicate with you more efficiently using one contact list
  • allows you to receive an email notification of the new posts/messages
  • allows "one-stop-shopping", you only need to sign-in/sign-up at one place (the community email contact list with MailChimp)
  • you do not need to visit different pages to view a message or receive updates about the HOA and community
  • its a more efficient way to communicate with you, the residents

Q.  Why have a "board messages page" and a "community announcement page"?

A.  To keep one "Blog/page" from filling up with all of the information about the HOA and the community; makes it easer to find information.  The board messages page is intended for messages from the board concerning the association (I.E. assessment is due, meetings, budget, anything "association related").  The community announcement page is for "community announcements" (I.E. cook-out, yard-sale, contest, "community related").  If you think its not necessary to have two different pages please let me know (remember I set this up as to what I would expect).

Committee Announcements:  Each Committee has their own "Committee Announcement" page.  This gives each committee a place to post messages about what's happening with their committee or request for community assistance.  You can view a committee announcement from their announce page.  Go to the "Our Committees" page then open the sub-menu for the committee to view their announcements.
Signing Up for Community Email using the "Join Our Mailing List":  When entering your information use the guidelines provided in the sign-up form for the e-mail account holder who is signing up (the information is used to customize the e-mails sent to you).
If you "only" wish to receive "Community Email" and not any birthday/anniversary related email then only enter your basic information.  If you do provide your "Dates" we will send a "Special Message" e-mail for your birth and anniversary dates.
Enter one (1) e-mail address per subscription.  You can subscribe with more than one e-mail address.  I.E. if "John & Jane" each have an e-mail address and wants to receive e-mail to each of their addresses, then John and Jane each needs to subscribe their e-mail address.
HOA Email Group - Check "Resident" if you are not a member of a committee.  If you are a member of a committee check all of the committees you are a member of.
Note for Dates:  A full date needs to be entered; only the "Month" and "Day" are used, the "Year" can be any past year.
Click in a field in that form for more help on that field.

Summary - Why do this?  Automation!  Using just "one" community email list with MailChimp "we" (the community) can receive automatic email updates about the HOA, the community and the committees; and we only need to sign-up with "one" service; the MailChimp community email list.

  • This way when the Welcome Committee needs some help (volunteers/supplies) or welcomes a new resident everyone will be notified at the same time when they post their message.
  • When the Beautification Committee needs some help or will be doing a project everyone will be notified at the same time when they post their message.
  • When the Neighborhood Watch posts its "monthly email update" (you do get yours don't you) "everyone" will be notified at the same time when the message is posted.