Pool Membership for Wynfield Forest

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Springtime Yards, Beautiful Neighborhood

Clean up, weed kill, fertilize and mow your lawns. 

Clean out and mulch your flower beds. 

Spring is a big home selling time of year and we all want our neighborhood looking beautiful.

DO NOT keep any junk or broken down items in your driveway or piled up on the sides of your home. Be respectful to your neighbors.

Move your trash bins from view of the street when not trash day.

If you need help, please just ask for it!

Street Lights

If you have seen a lamp pole that is flickering or always off in the Wynfield area, you can report the issue directly to Energy United. There is a yellow number halfway up the pole that you can use as reference.

ALSO: They will not fix until the trees/bushes are trimmed around it!


Get On The EMAIL Distribution List!

Send an email to wynfieldcreek@hotmail.com to get added to the list.

(or to be removed if you move away)

Do not worry, we will try to keep the number of emails to a minimum and will not give the list out to third parties.


There have not been many reports of speeding through the neighborhood.

Keep up the good work!

No Parking on the Streets
 Please note the streets are for temporary parking only. Visitors, parties, etc. Please park any permanent resident vehicles in your driveway, not your lawn. Thanks.
Trash Bins
Please DO NOT store your bins in front of your property. Please put them to the side behind fences or bushes, in the backyard, or in your garage. Notices will go out for constant offenders, fines will follow. Please just do your part to make our neighborhood beautiful!
Weed Control
I know it takes a lot, but please keep your lawn weeds under control and your flower beds maintained to keep our community looking so good! 
Boats and Campers
Please remember that your boats and campers are not allowed to inhabit your driveway or yard for any extended period of time. Please handle swiftly any repairs or cleaning that you may be attending to. Let the board know in advance to avoid any problems.
To inform Board of your plans or
any special requests,