Microsystem Modelling


L0 - Introduction.pdf
L1 - FlexPDE.pdf
 3Modelling and Simulation
L2 - Modelling and Simulation.pdf
Mechanics and thermodynamicsL3 - Mechanics and thermodynamics.pdf
Electromagnetics and fluid flowsL4 - Electromagnetics and fluid flows.pdf
Coupled fieldsL5 - Coupled fields.pdf
Numerical prototypingL6 - Numerical prototyping.pdf

Laboratory exercises

 1Introduction to laboratory exercises
Lab 00.pdf
 2Introduction to numerical modelling in FlexPDE
Lab 01.pdf
 3Diffusion equations and analysis in 2D
Lab 02.pdf
 4Laplace's equation and analysis in 3D
Lab 03.pdf
 5Analysis of a heat transport and temperature distributionLab 04.pdf
 6Analysis of strain and stress stateLab 05.pdf
 7Analysis of thermomechanical stresses and strainsLab 06.pdf
 8Electro-thermo-mechanical coupled field analysisLab 07.pdf
 9Analysis of an electrical capacitanceLab 08.pdf
 10Laminar and turbulent flowsLab 09.pdf