Regal Facts

The Regal Experience group is dedicated to keeping classic cinema alive in Wymondham.


The town''s Regal Cinema was built in 1937 and closed on the 29th June 1993. Following the closure, the main auditorium of the Regal was converted to a dance floor and bar for the Wymondham and District Ex Services Club, whilst retaining the decorative features, stage and ambience of the old cinema. The projection room remained largely undisturbed with its two Kalee 12 projectors with Vulcan Carbon Arcs.


Prior to the Regal being built, the proprietor instructed his architect to design a building which would last 25 years. However, the building has stood for over 70 years and once again, although on a limited basis, allows the magic of those classic movies to grace its silver screen and provide "The Regal Experience".


Many people expressed their sadness at the demise of the old Regal. However, one film enthusiast, Mr Michael Armstrong, who had been associated with the cinema for many years, rescued many of the original fittings and re-created a scaled down version of the cinema at his home. Over the years he showed 16mm and 8mm films in his mini cinema. At the same time, a small group of film enthusiasts who regularly attended film shows there, explored the idea of putting on a classic film show at the old Regal to bring back memories of cinema in Wymondham. This enthusiastic group called themselves "The Regal Experience".


With the aid of Cinema City in Norwich, it was decided to screen the classic Ealing comedy "The Titfield Thunderbolt" on the 23rd July 2000 to tie in with their exhibition of "100 Years of Cinema". The event was well attended and many patrons expressed their wish for more classic film shows.


Firstly, with the aid of Cinema City from 2000 to 2008 and now since 2008 with the aid of the Hollywood Cinema in Norwich, the Regal Experience Group has held many special one day screenings of famous old classical films, with guest visits from many well known stars.