It has come to the attention of the Officers of the Committee that ridiculous rumours are going around that the club has been used for a lock in.
We Nick, Trevor & Jenni would like to make it clear that there has NOT been and will NOT be any lock in of the club.
When the Government closed us we were left with a hefty task of locking down the club for what is turning out to be a considerable period of time.
Initially, a hand full of Committee & Staff had no option but to address certain things at the club such as:
Emptying, cleaning and taking steps to preserve beer lines/equipment
Listing dates & stock take of all stock for reclaiming where possible
Storing stock, in particular making safe all alcohol
Banking of monies
Checking mail
Sorting paperwork etc for furloughing our retained valuable staff
Checking and making everywhere as secure as possible.
Periodically, Committee and at present the Chairman and Vice Chairman are checking on the club to pick up mail for the Secretary to deal with, checking the building for any security breaches and leaks inside & out etc
Flushing toilets to prevent stagnation of water.
Reading meters such as the Water Meter
We are trying our very best to protect and preserve the club for the members in readiness for the day we can get back to some sort of normality and to be able to reopen again. We await instruction from our Government and we will follow all guidelines to the letter.
We will continue to monitor the security of the club.
Please lets stop these rumours now and concentrate on doing as we as a nation have been asked by the Government. Follow guidelines, comply and wait patiently for the day when the doors of the club to open for us all to return to raise a glass to the end of this present crisis.

Chairman Nick Howes, Vice Chairman Trevor Horne, Secretary Jenni Horne
Stay Safe Everyone

Watch this space for the date of the re opening of the Club, we will survive this, we will re open

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