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Potted History of the club

Our club was first muted back in 1920 at a committee meeting held in the Green Dragon by the Wymondham branch of United Service Fund of which Major Ayton was a member and a comrade of the great war. A member of the British Legion, Major Ayton saw that local men coming home needed a meeting place rehabilitation back into the to help them find employment and community after the horrors of World War I.


He was popularly appointed Chairman at a first Ordinary Meeting held on the 30th March 1920 it was unanimously agreed that a club be instituted for the social  welfare of ex-servicemen in the district of Wymondham. 


A keen sportsman, Major Ayton took a very active part in the formation of the club, it’s activities and the acquisition of suitable premises for meetings. Many of the first meetings were held in Major Ayton’s own offices.


During 1922, the Club committee & the British Legion met to consider an offer by Morgan’s Brewery Ltd., who owned vacant premises in Market Place/Queen Street to lease them for an annual rental of £34.00.


The Club was officially opened on December 2nd 1922, with Major Ayton as it’s first President until his expanding asphalt business demanded more of his time, [replaced by Mr. B.J. Culley] but he continued to take an active interest in the running of the Club up to his death at 70.


Outgrowing the first club premises fairly quickly due to it’s expanding popularity, moved on to larger premises before finally settling into our present site which used to be the Regal Cinema in it’s heyday until it’s closure through a dwindling income and modern interests such as television in 1977.

Courtesy of Marian Diamond