Wyman Brantley

Wyman Brantley creates compressed air patterns using electricity and physical surfaces. He is an instrumentalist and composer working primarily in digital recording and live performance.
His work is currently focused in the following areas (these categories are not strict and are primarily based on intent):
  • electro-acoustic "free improvisation" (e.g., the lineage of players historically related to record labels like Incus (U.K.) FMP (Germany) etc.) using guitar, bass, soprano saxophone, software, and electronics
  • software-based instrument environments
  • sound collages mixing field recordings and instrumentation
  • compositions using alternative notation and instructions
Upcoming shows:

   Trio show with Heath Watts and Eliot Klein Gallery 1816. Philadelphia, PA 5/7/2016, 8 p.m.

   H-O-T Series 3-year anniversary Mascher space. Philadelphia, PA. 5/18/2016, 8 p.m.

Past shows:

    H-O-T Series @Mascher space (Jan 30, 2016)trio with Loren Groenendaal (movement) and Mick Ricereto (clarinets); quartet with       Neil Feather (invented instruments), Jonathan Pfeffer (percussion/electronics), and Jorge Espinal (guitar)

    Jak-Pak (Dec 11, 2015): Quartet with Jack Wright (saxophones), Zach Darrup (guitar and objects), Ben Bennett (percussion)

    Event Horizon Concert Series April 2013 (mar8ram)

    Electro-music 2010 with Bill Fieger

    Live radio set on Music With Space on WPRB, May 20/21 2011 @ midnight (mar8ram) 

Online works

    ARM pieces

Recent CD releases
  antemeridian (mar8ram, live@Music with Space)
                               sample on Soundcloud

  herd as plaid (solo, studio)

    pretend it never happened (with Operators and Things)

    live at mother fools (with Operators and Things)

WB with Loren Groenendaal in Philadelphia. Photo courtesy of JH Kertis