Wyman Brantley

Wyman Brantley is a sound artist working primarily in digital recording and live performance.
His work is currently focused in the following areas (these categories are not strict and are primarily based on intent):
  • electro-acoustic "free improvisation" (e.g., the lineage of players historically related to recording labels like Incus (U.K.) FMP (Germany) etc.) using guitar, bass, soprano saxophone, software, and electronics
  • software-based instrument environments
  • sound collages mixing field recordings and instrumentation
  • experimental electronica
Recent shows:

    Event Horizon Concert Series April 2013 (mar8ram)

    Electro-music 2010 with Bill Fieger

    Live radio set on Music With Space on WPRB, May 20/21 2011 @ midnight (mar8ram) 

Online works

    ARM pieces

CD releases
  antemeridian (mar8ram, live@Music with Space)
                               sample on Soundcloud

  herd as plaid (solo, studio)

    pretend it never happened (with Operators and Things)

    live at mother fools (with Operators and Things)