I am an Assistant Professor of Philosophy and the Undergraduate Coordinator for philosophy majors at Mississippi State University. I earned my PhD in philosophy from the University of Wisconsin - Madison in 2014.

I am primarily interested in moral psychology (using empirical work in psychology and cognitive science) and ethics. My dissertation investigates the process of forming moral judgments, the structures underlying moral concepts, and how a view of moral concepts can be helpful for ethics. 

I am also interested in understanding and reducing underrepresentation of various socioeconomic factors in academia and philosophy.

After growing up in western Pennsylvania, I received degrees in philosophy and English from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 2007. I am an alumna and former employee of the IUP McNair Scholars program, and I spent 4 summers teaching philosophy and working as a tutor-counselor with the Upward Bound program at Saint Francis University.

When I'm not working, I like reading fiction (especially sci-fi), watching good movies and TV series, rooting for the Pittsburgh Steelers, hiking, and learning how to ski.

You can contact me at d.j.wylie@msstate.edu.