What to do in December 

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Keep an eye on onion sets that may have been dislodged by birds.


Continue to take hardwood cuttings and check those already planted.

Continue to lift trench celery whilst protecting remaining plants by replacing the soil.


Firm the soil around plants loosened by the frost.

Young shoots developed from chicory roots can be harvested now.


Take root cuttings anytime up until March from such plants as verbascum, rubus and acanthus.

Harvest parsnips, turnips and swedes. If left in the ground, earth up for protection.


Roses can be pruned at any time between now and early spring. In cold areas it is better to wait to avoid frost damage.

Harvest winter cabbage as they mature. Place cloches over spring cabbages and winter lettuce.


Cover tender herbaceous plants with straw or bracken to prevent frost damage.

Continue to clean up and dig the vegetable patch.


Continue to prepare and tidy flower borders for planting in the spring.




Late ripening apples still in store should be checked regularly to see that they are in good condition.


Complete cleaning and overhauling machinery, oiling all parts before storing under cover.

Prune gooseberries during the winter months to remove dead and damaged branches, to constrain the size of the bush and to maintain an “open” centre to the bush.


If the ground conditions permit dig over and complete the preparation of soil to be seeded in the spring, leaving the soil rough.

Now is also the time to prune grape vines. Take their side shoots back to one or two buds and remove half the new growth on the main stem.


Avoid walking on lawns after frost, snow or heavy rain to prevent damage to the grass. If you have to walk over grass choose a different route each time.




Keep an eye on any tubers or bulbs stored in the greenhouse and discard any that show signs of rot.


Browse through seed and plant catalogues and prepare your seed and plant order for next year. See Dobies discounts.

When moving flowering plants from the greenhouse to indoors, take care not to move them into too high a temperature as they may lose their flowers.


Put out bird food such as peanuts and seed to encourage birds into your garden. Also ensure they have access to unfrozen water when necessary.

Continue to water plants sparingly whilst carefully avoiding splashing water on the greenhouse floor.


Keep the glass on the outside of the greenhouse clean to maximise the available light.