The Garden at Rose Cottage: September 17

posted 29 Aug 2017, 12:59 by Wye Garden   [ updated 29 Aug 2017, 13:02 ]

This is the time of year when we start to think about the “big cut” at Rose Cottage Garden - the essence of the project, reducing the fertility of the soil.

 We are very much starting to develop (on a small scale) a stratification in the season. First come the snowdrops, primroses, anemones, daffs, fritillaries and Ragged Robins. Next up, the dandelions, cow parsley and buttercups explode on to the scene. Then the tangled mat of the vetch appears, with water mint and orchids emerging, flower and seed, before the Ox-eyes and umbellifers take us into late summer.  The point is to provide food and nesting sources for all manner of wildlife. Soldier beetles and hoverflies go mad for the umbellifers and the Gatekeeper butterflies cloud around the Marjoram like tiny dancing handkerchiefs. In turn, the birds feed on the insects  - and so the world turns.

 Most often underestimated about the wild garden areas is the habitat they provide. It’s not at all a sexy part of the story way down at ground level but it offers safe shelter from predators and a place to hang out in the shade or for the night. Even on a really hot day, it’s not unusual to disturb a snoozing frog down in this thick cover layer. For this reason the first cut is never the deepest - only to 4 or 5 inches, followed by a cup of tea and a chance for the critters to move to other hiding places. 

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