The Garden at Rose Cottage: October 17

posted 2 Oct 2017, 15:40 by Wye Garden   [ updated 2 Oct 2017, 15:42 ]

The cut has been made and all of the top growth moved and composted. It seems a daunting task - all that work with the strimmer and the rake! But it doesn’t go to waste; it’ll be used in the more conventional areas of the garden as mulch. The wild area looks very tamed indeed. The sward is very low and, if necessary, I’ll mow it again until winter sets in properly. The reason for this, as anyone with a lawn will know, is that in mild conditions the grass keeps growing and can put on enough height to crowd out the wildflowers. Now is a good time to broadcast seeds collected throughout the season or new stock bought in from a supplier with good provenance. A great time too to plant perennial plugs or seedlings before the soil gets too cold, so they can consolidate a good root system for next year. 

Damaged windfalls will be gathered and fruit deadwood cut out and thrown on the log piles. The compost bins are groaning and the worms are in full production mode amongst the waste of garden and kitchen. The hedges too will get a haircut and necessary maintenance to see them through the winter. As a happy coincidence of only doing lengths of hedge when the opportunity arose, there is generally a good portion of the hedge that doesn’t need more than a light trim. Not long now and we can relax and watch the birds searching out a meal in our garden through the cold winter months.