The Garden at Rose Cottage: November 17

posted 31 Oct 2017, 15:25 by Wye Garden   [ updated 31 Oct 2017, 15:27 ]
The Garden at Rose Cottage: November 17


Well it’s November again. How did that happen?

By the time you read this, our wildflower section cut should have been fully completed and cleared to the compost heap. Mixed thoroughly with shreddings from garden shrub tidying, old newspapers and cardboard - not the sort with a plastic coating or internal plastic layer – the good old fashioned sort that rots well and holds moisture, and the medium thickness whips cut from tidying up the hedge. I run the mower over small hedge clippings so some of the mixing is done in the grass box. The heady mix or carbon and nitrogen will make excellent compost to fuel the veg boxes and flower borders by next summer. 

Because I’ve been away, a lot of apples have fallen and ben buried in the thick mat of grass, so they had to be picked out and moved to the now impressive winter apple pile for the migrant and local birds to feast on throughout the winter. Some were already half submerged in the ground, pulled down by the action of the earthworms that teem just below the surface. The strimmer and the mower cut some of them. The strimmer particularly tends to leave my gardening combat trousers splattered in sweet smelling bits of apple. Regardless, they all get collected and added to the pile, since the damage just makes them rot quicker – which is exactly what the birds want. The October storm turned the occasional Bramley apple drop into a flurry and just about the entire crop came down in half a day, nurdled out of the canopy by the force of strong winds and gravity. Some of them are really big this year and you certainly didn’t want to be underneath the tree as the heavy green and red fruity hand grenades plummeted earthwards.