The Garden at Rose Cottage: August 17

posted 28 Jul 2017, 13:19 by Wye Garden   [ updated 28 Jul 2017, 13:23 ]
2017: AUGUST 

It's all go in the summer breeding months for birds at Rose Cottage! The bird count so far is; Goldfinch, blue and great tits all fledged within the green hedge confines of the garden; sparrows took up residence (for the very first time) in the centre unit of five of “Coronation Street” and fledged a family of spadgers. Sparrows like to nest in colonies so I built a multi cell nest box of five units in a row. We like to call it “Corrie” although I never got around to painting the front of each unit with landmark frontages like The Cabin, The Rovers etc. Despite that, it was really good to see it occupied, even though there is an ideal habitat in the hedge right next to it!

Jenny Wren has hatched her family and they are all now busy “zipping” their rasping call in the hedge bottoms. Blackbirds and Wood pigeons both nested in the same Bay bush (6 feet tall and now part of the hedge) so that must have been interesting.

And, as a result of all this procreation, the garden is full of hapless youngsters and the Merlin is loitering, occasionally quartering the hedge in the hope of catching out the unwary. The spectacular Sparrowhawk makes routine optimistic fly by raids on the bird table (often approaching from the field or road sides below the hedge line) so we've stopped feeding the birds on the bird table and feeders. Research has shown that birds feed their young a very specific diet on a specific schedule, depending on the age of the young. At the moment, it seems to be all systems go for high value protein-packed insects or seeds. It feels good to be offering a home as well as somewhere to eat and drink to so many British bird species from our little bit of the St Briavels garden patchwork.