Our Bee Project

If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would only have four years of life left.  Albert Einstein

Bees, and other pollinating insects, seem to be forever in the news, for lots of good reasons. There is a greater realisation that they play an important role in ecology. They pollinate, orchards, fruit, arable crops and vegetables, and without them the food chain would be in serious danger. One estimate put the value of food produced by bee pollination at $60 billion dollars worldwide! 

The Brockweir, Hewelsfield & St Briavels Garden Society has been doing something about this since 2009, when we created a unique and innovative scheme to provide an annual grant from club funds to improve the bee populations within our area and to promote beekeeping by supporting a new beekeeper. You can follow the story of our grant and its recipients since 2009 here

The grant covers the cost of the beekeeping course and membership of the Dean Forest Branch of the Beekeepers Association, where new members get fantastic support and advice, with enough cash left over to make a significant contribution to the cost of a hive, protective clothing and other basic equipment.

Although beekeeping has its responsibilities, it is also very rewarding and there is lots of help and support while you are learning from the projects members and the Dean Forest Beekeepers. 

Since the start of the scheme, 15 grants have been awarded, meaning lots more bees in our area! Jim Vivian-Griffiths: (www.deanforestbeekeepers.co.uk) said  ‘We’ve seen a real resurgence of interest in beekeeping in the area and the Garden Society scheme is a real boost to promoting the hobby and we are proud to have been supporters since the start.’

Visit our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/WyeGardenBeeProject

The garden society is passionate about this project to ensure that our parishes have a healthy and productive bee population. Even though our funding from previous years has lapsed, we’ve still decided to go ahead and finance the project for this year from club funds. If you are or know of a business which would like to help us do more – please get in touch. 

David Broadbent: Project Co-ordinator

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Our Facebook site is growing steadily with support and a big “congratulations” from TV gardener Sarah Raven as well as support from around the world.