2017 AGM: Annual Newsletter


It gives me great pleasure to be able to report yet another successful year for our garden society. We have enjoyed an excellent programme of speakers as well as visits and other social gatherings. 

Membership of the Society is constantly changing as people move in or out of the area but has remained around a very healthy 90 members. Subscriptions are, of course,  now due for the year 2017/18 and you should have had a reminder by email. Following requests from some members we have introduced the facility to renew subscriptions on line, as detailed in Christine Haines’ recent email.

Our year started in January with Stephen Anderton’s illuminating talk on Christopher Lloyd and his life at Great Dixter and then, in February, Joseph Atkin, the head gardener at Aberglasney Gardens, talked enthusiastically about the gardens, as well as giving planting tips. 

In March, we had our Spring Bulb Show as well as a talk by Pauline Pears. Pauline’s vegetable growing is determined by her need to be able to leave her plot for long periods but to still produce a good yield all year round. Her shortlist included Swiss chard, beans, leeks, potatoes and pumpkins! 

The Bulb and Flower Show continues to grow in interest and there were many excellent  exhibits. I would  like to thank Sylvia Neale for judging the entries this year and, of course, Sally Secrett for organising the event. The idea of resurrecting the Summer Show has been debated and, although there is some interest in the idea, we do not have a champion willing to take the lead and so have decided not to pursue this any further for the time being.

Our Plant Sale in April was another great success. I was amazed to see the length of the queue when we opened up and the visitors were not disappointed, as the quantity and quality of plants donated by everyone continues to improve. Our thanks go to the three Sues (Davis, Burrows and Young) for organising the event and to all of you who donated plants and helped on the day.

In May, Julian Sutton gave a talk on plants to grow in the shade and brought along a number of good, reasonably priced, plants for sale. Then in June Jo Ward Ellison gave a talk on the development of her garden at Poole Cottage which was followed in July by a visit to the gardens. Our coffee morning in June was at Sue Davis’ house and a good turnout of members enjoyed Sue’s lovely garden, tea and cakes and the good weather!

We all got together again in August for the American Supper which always seems to work magically from the food point of view and the success of the event was helped by April Tremlett’s wonderful table decorations and musical entertainment by Steve Downes and Ann Skehel.

We started back after the summer with a talk by Steph Tyler, from the Monmouthshire Meadows Group. Like our own Parish Grasslands project, they aim to rejuvenate and develop wild flower meadows and they cover the whole of Monmouthshire. Our last talk before the AGM was by Julie Ritchie who told us about growing hardy geraniums. At the AGM in November we have something a bit different - a demonstration on making wicker plant supports by Clyde Hoare. 

Christine Haines has already prepared our 2018 programme and this will be available on membership cards shortly and is on the website. I would like to thank Christine for continuing to carry out the programme secretary’s role so well. This is probably the most arduous role on the Committee and Christine manages this and her other activities exceptionally well.

This was the first year since we started giving Bee Grants that we have not had a suitable applicant before the deadline and so a grant was not awarded. Your Committee believes, however, that this is still a worthwhile cause and so will continue to offer grants in the future, as long as suitable candidates come forward. We are currently investigating other sources of funding to help with the cost and will advertise the grant for the coming year using Facebook Boost. 

On the subject of communications, we now have excellent coverage in the Village News with articles covering future events, a resumé of past talks, a section on current jobs to do in the garden and what’s happening in the garden at Rose Cottage. Many thanks to Christine Haines, Sue Young and David Broadbent for this. This information is also available on the Society website www.wyegarden.com 

I am pleased to say that all your Committee are willing to stand for office again next year. I am sure that you will agree with me that they do a great job in running the Society and so I would  like to thank them for all their hard work. 

There is one vacancy on the committee and so if you are interested in joining, please contact John Gooder (see below) or speak to any member of the committee in advance of the AGM.

 Mike Weeks 



Friday, 17 NOVEMBER 2017


At this meeting, all the Officers and Ordinary Members of the Committee will retire. All members of the Committee are seeking re-election. The Officers and Ordinary Committee Members elected at the last AGM and proposed for re-election at this AGM are as follows:


Chair: Mike Weeks

Vice Chair: Sue Davis

Secretary: John Gooder 

Treasurer: Sue Davis


Membership Secretary: Annie Williams 

Programme Secretary: Christine Haines 

Member: April Tremlett

Member: Sue Burrows

Member: Jackie Healy 

Member: Sue Young

NOMINATIONS for officers or ordinary committee members should be submitted in writing, before the meeting, to the Secretary, John Gooder at:


Please give the name of the person proposed, the office proposed, and the names and signatures of the proposer and seconder.

Click on the link below to read the MINUTES of the 2016 AGM & see the AGENDA for the 2017 MEETING:


John Gooder



The Plant Sale will be on 21 April next year

We took over £1300 gross at our 2017 Plant Sale – a record which meant the Garden Society made a small profit for the first time in a while. We had few plants left over at the end, and our experience is that plants will always sell provided they are well established in their pots and are labelled. It doesn’t matter if they aren’t in bloom.  

Let’s try to do even better in 2018. While you are tidying your garden for winter, don’t put everything that’s outgrown its allotted space on the compost heap. Remember that the 2018 Plant Sale will be on us in no time! 

                                                                          Sue Davis


Once again, members can take advantage of the excellent discount offered by Dobies on items from their 2018 catalogue. You qualify for a 50% discount on flower and vegetable seeds and 15% on anything else in the catalogue including plug plants bulbs, plant food, manure, netting and much more. 

This doesn’t just apply to your first order. You can re-order as many times as you like and still get the discount. You can order by post or on-line, but do remember to quote our special code which is on the order form with the catalogue. 

I’ll bring along copies to the AGM, or you can request a copy from me at wyegardensociety@gmail.com 

Sue Davis