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This page exists mainly to serve as a repository of information regarding my constructed culture the Tseeyi and their language Tseeyo and certain real-world resources I have collected.  I have largely patterned my imaginary people and language after the Kisi people I was fortunate enough to live and work among during a period from 1989 to 1990 as part of my Peace Corps service in the Republic of Guinea.  I have also incorporated some features of the related cultures and languages who neighbor the Kisi, such as the Loma, Mende, Vai and Manding,  or who speak related languages, such as Bullom (Sherbro), and Temne.  Other features have been created from scratch or borrowed in bits and pieces from cultures and languages around the world.

Please feel free to have a look around and hopefully you'll find something you enjoy.

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Conculture: The Tseeyi  

Culture Info 

 A Tseeyi Story: How the Tseeyi Came to Live in the Forest Below the Mountain.

The Tseeyi Syllabary

Tseeyi FAQ


Conlanguage: Tseeyo 

Tseeyo Working Papers

(Aspects of Tseeyo still in development) 

A Brief Outline of Tseeyo Grammar  (Under revision)

  Tseeyo Verbal Morphology

Verb Extensions and Syntax

Nominal Morphology

Comparison of Noun Class and Gender

 Lexicon (as of 4/30/08)


Translation Exercises 

The Story of the Wind and the Sun 

The Prince  

(A passage from Machiavelli - ZBB translation challenge) 


Thanks to everyone at the Zeeb who made

contributions to my lexicon.  The entries are here.


  Mrs Red Chicken and the Seeds She Found 

 (Outdated Translation Exercise)



 Real World Reference

AT Sumner's Handbook of the Sherbro Language (.pdf)

 Part A  /  Part B  /  Part C

Grammar and Vocabulary of the Bullom Language
By Gustavus Reinhold Nyländer, Church Missionary Society

Grammar of the Temne Language
By Christian Frederick Schlenker

A Collection of Temne Traditions, Fables and Proverbs
By Christian Friedrich Schlenker

More Goodies in my Google Books Library

D. Paulme's Les Gens du Riz

(1950's Northern Kissi ethnography - in French)

 Jacques Germain's Guinée - Peuples de la Forêt.

(Regional ethnography - in French)

Anthro. Report on Sie.rra Leo.ne (.pdf chapters)

WWNL-Kissi.pdf    KSSLexicon.xls    

Consonant Mutation Northern West Atlantic  

Whence the Mende?


More info on Guinea

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