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Adult Child Healthcare Directive

posted Jul 31, 2018, 9:31 AM by Wyckoff Peds   [ updated Jul 31, 2018, 9:33 AM ]

As our children grow up so quickly and are away at college or going through the college process there is a subject we as parents should consider.

When a person reaches his or her 18th birthday they become adults, in the eyes of the law. Most of you are well aware of the Right to Privacy Laws, but may not be aware of the fact that, should an accident occur and your 18-year-old child ends up in the Emergency Room unconscious, you, the parents, have absolutely no rights or say in their care unless you have a Medical Power of Attorney (Health Care Representative).

 Wyckoff Pediatrics is providing a simple forms for your review and consideration.  Copy the link below and paste it into your browser.

As with any questions of law, consulting with an attorney is always best, but at the very least it is strongly recommended that you download the forms listed below and review them with your children. A few steps of preventative legal action now could very well save your family many hours of days of angst, not to mention legal fees, at a time that would be better spent caring for your child.

Please be advised that we are providing this form for you as a courtesy.  We are not in any way providing legal services.