Chapter Summaries

Sunrise Over Fallujah

Chapter 1: "Gentlemen, ladies, welcome to Doha by the sea..."

    In this chapter Major Spring Sessions briefs the entire squad on what is currently happening around them and what is going to happen. Saddam Husain is a very smart and intelligent guy. He may weaken our forces but the Iraqis will not win this war! We are America and we will come out victorious in this war! You will be split in to humvee groups over the next few weeks and groups will change depending on the abilities of each person.

Chapter 2: "There were special detachments crated for…"

    In this chapter the squadrons are assigned their humvee assignments and teams. They are mostly assigned humvees so the Army knows who is responsible for that humvee. Each team consist a driver; also the leader, a gunner, and two others, just for the extra eyes and protection. They haven’t entered Iraq yet, but the hoodlums A.K.A. the special ops, have been making several trios into Iraq for the last six months for information to send back to CENTCOM (Central Communications). They practice, at the mist inopportune times, putting on their gas masks in case of a gas disaster. All there is to do is watch military movies or play cards and maybe talk, but that’s it.

Chapter 3: “A lot of guys were getting nervous thinking we…”

    It’s 0600 hours and the squad is up and at ‘e, shooting pop up targets, preparing to enter Iraq. They take their turns on the squad guns to see who can handle them. After the squad guns they set up a two-mile long re-fueling line to refuel the trucks and add extra gas tanks. They travel all night, and most of the next day heading for the Iraq border. They stop, on the second night of traveling, to rest up before entering Iraq in the morning. 0600 hours they’re loading up to enter Iraq. As they enter they are all told, “You’re on high alert any time you’re in your vehicle form now on.”

Chapter 4: “I could feel my heart beat faster as we crossed….”

    In this chapter the two mile lone of squads has moved into Iraq territories. They pull over for the night before they have to start work in the morning. It’s a great day when all of a sudden a two day long sand storm hits. It covers all the humvees, equipment, and soldiers. After the storm passes they spend the next day cleaning all the equipment, and making sure everything still works. They’re soon on their way when they are ordered to stop again, they may be sent back to Kuwait. The 507th Marine squad has been captured and the Army is debating on moving the troops forward or sending them back to Kuwait. They move on into Kuwait. They start their first mission doing house to house inspections. Their first house they found a mortar launcher and arrest the teenage boy, who is the only one in the house that could possibly know how to operate it. While sitting out side with the boy, a sniper shot rings through out their ears, they fire back. “The first shot knocks up dust around his feet. The second shot spins him completely around. The last shot knocked him completely backwards.”

Chapter 5: “We spent the rest of the afternoon in an….”

    In this chapter the US Army is still patrolling the Iraqi neighborhoods. They find one little boy dead, it disturbs most. They set up medical tents to help the wounded Iraqis. They stop for the night on the side of the road and set up a temporary camp for the night. They are hit with a bomb before long. The humvees bounce in the air. There are no major injuries, but one medic did receive a nice bang to the head and was bandaged up. The next day they capture three civilians and hold them prisoner for questioning. They are heading to do their mission the next day when one of the four humvees gets stuck in what appears to be human feces’. They become very embarrassed. There are four Iraqi civilians working on a wagon pulled by mules across the street. They see the stuck humvee and hook two mules to it and get it out of there.

Chapter 6: “ ‘Yo, captain Coles!’ Jonesy spotted Coles coming…”
    In this chapter the 307th squad is painting porter potties. The main sewer lines have been shut off because the Army is checking them for weapons and bombs. Once that is done and secure they continue their originally assigned jobs. There isn’t much else going on, just a bunch of small talk about back home and people’s families. They’re talking to a prisoner about his opinion, as an Iraqi civilian, on what the US Army should do with Sadam Husain. He gives a very confusing response that no one can figure out.

Chapter 7: “Back to Baghdad. You have to got through a maze of…”

    There isn’t much going on with in this chapter. The 307th ID (Infantry Division) guys are just settling down. They’re all getting letters from home and a good news casting. The Marine team has set up a buffet of hot foods down the street, so most jump on that. Robin gets a rather lengthy letter from his mom, wanting him to come home, of course.

Chapter 8: “Even though the war is supposed to be over, there…”

    In this chapter, the squad is just finishing up a patrol assignment in Baghdad. After they return to their tents, there isn’t much going on. They just sit around for about two weeks cleaning their weapons, reading mail, relaxing.

Chapter 9: “Anytime a guy gets a large package from home…”
    In this chapter the guys are opening letters and packages from home, or anywhere for that matter. One guy, Victor, gets a huge package. He claims to have bought a small monkey off eBay for good luck. It was a four-foot tall stuffed African monkey. The squad girls name him Sergeant Yossarian. They treat the monkey as if it’s a real member of the squad, and Victor is getting mad. They assume regular dail duties around the camp site afterwards.

Chapter 10: “Sergeant Harris and Jonesy got into a stupid…”

    In this chapter they guys are watching an episode of cops and get into a huge argument about how all girls are whores and sluts. Captain Coles enters and tells the squad about their mission in the A.M. They will be scoping out an older part of the city for any IED bomb plants or any bomb plant for that matter. They are working at night so night vision goggles are a must. They enter the narrow ally way and come to their target house. They must bust the door down without waking the entire block. They succeed. They are in the house and find two women, two men, a baby, and three little kids on the second floor of the house. They search the people and the house they don’t find anything until Marla looks under a pile of flower, and sees detonators to IEDs. They immediately arrest the two males. Birdy feels bad about everything that just happened, but he’s glad it saved his life.

Chapter 11: “The word came down that some supply officer got…”
    In this chapter the squad has just received a new major, a supply officer from another platoon who got a promotion. Major Seassions comes in and gives the squad a farewell speech and today’s assignment; an Iraqi woman asked us to help find her lost son, and other junk. As she is leaving the rest of the squad gets prepared to go find this lost child.

Chapter 12: “Jerry Eryi was a Polish-American guy assigned to…”

    In this chapter there is a new Polish-American guy, Jerry. The squad found out that he is a worldwide soccer phenomenon. Jerry will be on base for a week, which will be spent teaching the rest of the squad how to play soccer, of course, and at the end of the week a big soccer tournament. In the man time the 302nd is just resting in their bunks staying out of the heat. The marine squad is out in the city patrolling the areas until the soccer tournament at the end of the week. The Marines had an IED go off right next to them last week, but thankfully no one, in the US Army, was injured.

Chapter 13: “We got an official notification of Victor’s transfer…”

    In this chapter Victor, the guy that received the huge African monkey, is being transferred out of the squad. The rest of the squad says goodbye and is getting ready to attend Pendleton’s service. Jonesy gets a severe tooth ach and the newly dubbed “mom” of the CA squad gives him a diatribe about going to the dentist to get it taken care of. She eventually shuts up and shuts him up by giving him pain medications.

Chapter 14:”I sat down on a pile of sandbags and realized how…”
    This is the absolute last chapter of the book, and in this chapter the medics are attending to all the soldiers who were wounded in a recent attack.  It is a very sad day on the base as all the soldiers are sent to hospitals, home, or new assignments. They say their goodbyes for as long as they can then they are on their way to their destination.