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Citrus II Air Freshener  $9.95  Also available in 7oz. lemon scent 
                    and purse/glove box/tack box size (1.5oz)   $4.95
Citrus II is made solely from citrus oils taken from fresh grown citrus fruit (oranges, tangerines, lemons, limes, and grapefruits). No man-made chemicals or preservatives of any kind are added. And because Citrus II is organic, it has a history of not affecting the sinuses or causing allergic reactions as do other chemical, artificial "air fresheners." It is processed using a special technique that isolates the key elements in certain citrus oils that have the ability to destroy even the strongest odors on contact! Other products use a strong artificial fragrance with masking agents to cover up odors. Citrus II has the exciting, crisp, clean scent of naturally pure citrus. Other "air fresheners" have the smell of one artificial chemical or another.  In contrast, over 700 lbs. of citrus peels are processed to make just one 7 Oz. bottle of Citrus II. In view of its concentrated power, Citrus II will last much longer than other "air fresheners."  With Citrus II, a little goes a long way. Together with all natural ingredients, and a recyclable aluminum outer container, Citrus II is the pinnacle of environmentally safe products. Although Citrus II costs more than artificial chemical "air fresheners", it's well worth it! Ordinary aerosol "air fresheners" are measured in net weight. This can be very misleading because the weight of the chemical aerosol propellant represents 66% or more of the total net weight. So, in reality, there is 33% or less actual product in an aerosol can. In comparison, Citrus II is measured in fluid ounces, and there is no chemical propellants or additives of any kind. Every Citrus II bottle contains seven pure fluid ounces of concentrated essential citrus oil that lasts 4-5 times longer than ordinary "air fresheners." This is truly a technological breakthrough in the science of creating a fresh environment and eliminating unpleasant odors.