WhiteWillow ~ Virginia Biasizzo NDTP
740 E 52nd St, Suite 11
Indianapolis, IN 46205
Yoga(1979), Reiki(1980), Psychology & Marketing Studies(1980), Nutrition(1981), Herbs/Essential Oils(1982), Business & Law Studies(1983), Reflexology(1983), Shiatsu(1984), Native American Medicine(1984), Acupuncture(1985), Bio Electrical Intern(1986), Rife(1986), Cognitive Science Intern(1987), Barbara Brennan(1988), Mental Health Svcs(1989), Shamanism(1990), Alternative Medicine Advocate(1991), Cancer(1992), Internal Medicine/Nursing(1995), Frequency Medicine (1997), Emergency Room(1999), Ministries(2000), Hospice(2001), Hospital Policy(2002), Medical Insurance Policy(2004), Biophoton Recalibration(2005), Audiology(2006). Energy Medicine(2007), Cancer Research(2008), Bio Photon Integrative Medicine (2010 - Present), Natural DNA Therapy Practitioner (2013 - Present), In Progress PhD Immunogenetics
Services Offered:
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                                             Holistic Nutrition                           Bio Mat ~ Bio Photon                   
                                     Supplements & Essential Oils                         Pain Relief     



DNA Targeted Homeopathic Solutions


Drug-Free Pain-Relief

Our aim at WhiteWillow is to heal, to shift energy patterns non conducive to health, and to bring balance to one’s state of being. Clients are active participants in their healing process and journey - we are only here as a guide on these journeys. We all have within us what we need to heal. However, it often takes an other to lead the way to healing and health.  Dedicated to serving all health needs.
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