Ski & Snowshoe Hotline

If you like to get out of doors in the winter, you want to be part of the cross-country ski and snow-shoe hotline. Join us as we play in the snow and explore Land Trust and town-owned properties.

This is how it works: Enter your email address in the box on the lower right. Then watch the weather and your emails. If a storm approaches, and if conditions permit, we'll send you an email that we are getting our gear ready, and we're poised to go. Then, in another email, we'll give you a time, date, and place to meet, and any other special information you may need. We won't give you a lot of notice --- usually only about 24 hours to respond, because snow conditions do not stay good for very long. Sometimes we go even before it stops snowing.

You need to (1) have your own equipment, (2) dress in layers with no cotton clothing, (3) bring water, sunglasses, and a snack. You should be in good physical condition, and have a strong spirit of adventure. Know your own personal limits. We do not have groomed ski trails; there are hidden obstacles along the way; and varying snow conditions. So, by joining us, you acknowledge and assume the risks of the sport.

Although we are happy to make first tracks and show you around, we do not provide a guide service, first aid, CPR, or rescues.

Cross Country Skiing at Farnum Field

Ski and Snowshoe at Gouveia Vineyards

Got questions?

Call  Dave Ellis at 269-9779.


Enter your email address below to receive notification of our ski and snowshoe events. Please enter an email address you check often as snow is unpredictable and the notice of an event will be short.