MARTYR’S MEMORIAL ( GYARHA MURTI);  It was in 1962 that eminent sculptor D.P.ROY CHOUDHARY got his big break when Pt.Nehru commissioned him to make sculpture depicting the moods and spirit of the freedom struggle led by the Mahatma Gandhi. The break came when Nehru saw his statue of  freedom movement in Patne during one of his state visits. Next few weeks of D.P .ROY CHOUDHARY were busy in drawing hundred of conceptual drawings. The sketch which was finally aproved by Nehru was a procession of freedom fighters being led by the Mahatma Gandhi. As it was not possible to show thousand of freedom fighter, roy choudhary decided to narrow them down to a team of eleven national heroes  covering the vast – cross section of indian society. There was a sikh ,a hindu , a muslim, a christian , a couple of ladies etc. walking in procession . He had also shown a young fellow asking a old man to join the procession.This magnificent statue is 26 m. long and 3 m. high. It is cast in bronze and it took 6 years to make. Unfortunatly Pt. Nehru was not alive  when the statue is completed and neither was D.P.Roy when the statue was installed at the sardar Patel Marg meets Willingdon crescent.Today it is popular spot for tourist to get their photos taken with the freedom fighters.


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