Quality Control
Our goals are:
• To meet or exceed our customers' requirements for product quality.
• To deliver all products on time.
• To seek continuous improvement of our products, processes, and systems.

Our Mission

"Our job is to make your job easier…and we do."




Our goal at Vincent Parts Inc., Manufacturing is to provide our customers with high quality products, friendly and professional service, and exceptional value. We believe in having a positive attitude about business and in doing whatever it takes to earn a satisfied customer. Since the most valuable things we have are our relationships with customers, suppliers and employees, we continually strive to make these relationships better. As a high volume manufacturer who will customize any product, listening and responding to customers has been the key to our growth and product innovations

What we do to insure the quality


A. Invest on the advance equipments & Inspection tools                

Accurately machining complex sophisticated parts is a given in today's manufacturing environment. To insure quality we have invested in machining centers .We rely heavily on our tooling suppliers to demonstrate better and more efficient ways to remove material accurately. Parts are checked with a variety of conventional inspection equipment. Air gauging is employed on many large quantity production runs.



B. Progressing and programming control

A key to successful production is prior planning by our processing and programming department. Shop routers are prepared for all jobs detailing specific instructions and manufacturing sequences to insure that parts are manufactured to customer specifications. Processing and programming work hand in hand to insure that router instructions are followed. We are currently working on ISO 9002 certification


C. Continuous Improvement

We have a team of engineers dedicated full-time to Continuous Improvement projects, and continuous training of our personnel. Using the lean manufacturing philosophy, Six Sigma methodology, and our ISO 9001:2000 certification, we are able to drive down costs, improve quality, and reduce lead times through all areas of our business. This allows us to provide you with high quality components in less time and at a lower cost than the competition