Wealth from Waste project.


WEALTH FROM WASTE PROJECT: From the name itself one can guess about this, wealth from waste is nothing but making useful, and decorative items from the waste items & throwouts. this is the reliable project to enhance creativity and to save money in preparing decorations and needs at our own desk , this can  also reduce  pollution because the things which are trowm away by us will be moulded into useful and decorative items.

This project's concept, design and developed by Vinay Sabbithi during his school days i.e in his 7th and 8yh classes and he is continuing his effort even today for more items to be designed under this projects.he conducted a no of workshops for children and youth to do such kind of this activities.he also states that he will give training to the  required about this project on contacting him.

Recently he won a Bronze Medal in inter collegiate youth festival or Andhra University  in the event INSTALLATION there he did his project with waste only, to have a glance on it click here.


Flower design with Burnt Match Sticks

Grapes with Tablet Covers.

Honey Bees and its Nest with Ground Nut Shells

A face with Egg Shell

a wallpaper  with sunflowers -these flowers are from the cooking oil pack.

a gun from packing cover and injection wrapper.

Bangles Stand made from used sketch pen shells, and empty powder tin.

Butterfly with the shells which are available in sea shores.

Butterfly with the Onion Leaves.

Cricket Kit from the Millet Cover and and highlighted with biscuit wrapper.

Candles with coconut leaves.

Skelton form Representation with Disposal Glass bottom and burnt match sticks


Periscope with the Toothpaste packing Boxes.(Working Model)

pen & pencil with palm tree leaves.


Peacock and its eyes with waste seeds.



1.cell phone holder from empty powder tin

2.Mango from packing rope

Flowers with tamrind seeds.

Flowers with pencil waste.

Flower   with Egg shell powder


Key stand with empty powder tin & electrical pipe clamps.