I did my PhD (graduated in 2012) in the Machine Learning Group of the Computational and Biological Learning Lab at the Department of Engineering in the University of Cambridge where my advisor was Carl Edward Rasmussen; my supervisor was Zoubin Ghahramani. I was supported by a DataPath PhD Scholarship. I have an undergraduate degree from UC Santa Cruz. At Cambridge, I was a member of Magdalene College.


My research interests are centered around probabilistic methods for machine learning. I deal with methods for various types of time series data and tracking problems. I apply Gaussian processes, inhomogeneous Poisson point processes, and nonparametric tests to such data. I am interested in software engineering for machine learning and diagnostics that can be used to ensure MCMC, Gibbs Samplers, Variational Bayes, etc implementations are working; and how to debug them when they don't.

I co-organized the software for machine learning workshop at NIPS 2014.

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