All new bathroom sinks and basins have overflow covers 
isn't it time yours had one?

The overflow hole just looks empty and unfinished without one.
Compare them all

one push & click will instantly transform your basin or sink

As you can see they decorate the overflow hole, but they do not block it. 

available in Chrome finish and Gold color finish

just click on any of the pictures to find out more

Monaco overflow ring
   Helsinki in Gold colour finish   

Oslo Overflow Trim
London wide oval trim

This simple little makeover will transform your sink or basin instantly. 
 They just click in to the overflow hole, no tools needed.

Give your existing bathroom sink a new look as often as you like.
many different designs available.

Inexpensive elegance and luxury from England.

Thousands of satisfied customers in dozens of countries worldwide

Pay securely with any debit or credit card
You don't need a paypal account

Bad Waschbecken Überlauf Deckel

Becken Überlauf Abdeckung

Becken Überlaufabdeckung

salle de bains de lavage couvercle de débordement du bassin

badkamer wastafel overflow deksel

bagno copertura trabocco del bacino

baño cubierta desbordamiento cuenca